Application and admission for MSc program Molecular Life Sciences: Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry

Admission Qualification

General qualification for admission is achieved by a Bachelor's degree in Biology or a closely related field and proofs of proficiency in English of level C1 and German of level B1

From 2019/20 submission of a GRE subject test result sheet is obligatory.

Selection procedure for applicants from a non-European country

The following information is for applicants who acquired the entrance qualification to the Master's program in a non-EU country:
From the number of places in the program a quota of 20 out of hundred is constituted for applicants with a Bachelor's degree from a non-EU country.
If the number of applicants who meet the qualifications for entry exceeds the available places, a selection procedure is performed.
Only applicants providing a »special qualification« for the program are admitted. The special qualification is determined by means of a scoring system based on
a) Bachelor grade (max. 51 points)
b) GRE subject test result for the program (max. 39 points) !! Will be replaced by another online test, information will be provided in time !!