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Application & Admission


To join GAUSS as a doctorate candidate you need to have your university degree (Master, Diploma or equivalent state examination) in a relevant or related field in mathematics, natural and life sciences completed with above-average results.
For detailed admission requirements please see §4 of the doctoral regulations of GAUSS (German , English translation ) as well as the individual admission regulations of the different doctorate programs.
Decisions about your qualifications are always made by the doctoral program.

Application steps

  1. Find a research topic and contact potential supervisor
    The first step to become a doctoral student at GAUSS is for you to find an exciting research topic and a supervisor for your dissertation. Please also discuss with your future supervisor funding opportunities to cover the costs during your PhD.
    For a full list of GAUSS academics entitled to supervise you follow this link.

  2. Compose thesis advisory committee (TAC)
    Thesis advisory committees are comprised of three members: the main supervisor and one additional examination accredited person (see list of GAUSS faculty members) as well as one further academic holding a doctoral degree.
    They advise you and monitor your progress throughout the doctoral process. TACs serve two main purposes, (1) to provide critical feedback to the research progress and data interpretation, and (2) to mediate potentially upcoming difficult situations between the doctoral student and supervisor.
    For these reasons, a careful choice of TAC members should acknowledge (1) a sufficiently broad scientific background to be able to comment on the research progress from different and proficient perspectives and (2) the independence of each other to ensure impartiality. Usually, the first two members of the TAC serve as referees of the doctoral thesis.

  3. Apply for admission (program, supervision agreement)
    Please refer to Changes in admission/immatriculation procedure due to COVID-19 crisis before completing this step!
    When a professor (or entitled academic) agreed to supervise your project, discuss together, which would be the most suitable GAUSS Program. Usually, no deadlines for applications apply.
    The next step is to request admission to the GAUSS doctoral program of your choice. It is mandatory to register for enrolment in GAUSS and to sign the supervision agreement, which you can find in a single form in English or German. If you have been enrolled at the University of Göttingen before, you should login via eCampus to access the pre-filled form. The resulting document, which is sent to you by email to the adress you inserted into the form, also serves for the matriculation at the Office of Student Affairs or the International Office (for international students) and includes the mandatory doctoral student’s declaration.

Information on the matriculation

Instructions on the enrolment process at the University of Göttingen for admitted doctoral students to one of the GAUSS programs can be found via this link - international applicants please see below.

Additional information for international applicants

The International Student Office of the University is in charge of the enrolment of all international doctoral students. Instructions on the enrolment process for admitted international doctoral students can be found via this link.
For questions regarding visa and immigration, please contact the GAUSS Office. The International Student Office can also help and assist you with questions about living in Göttingen. There are no general rules for the recognition of degrees from foreign universities as those are doctoral program specific. Please check the program guidelines or contact the program office.

Admission package

  • Joint form for admission to a GAUSS program, supervision agreement and matriculation (in English, German, or for University Members via eCampus)
  • Doctoral student’s declaration (English , German )
  • Rules of Good Practice for Doctoral Supervision (English , German )
  • Information on Supervision and Examination (English , German )

Admission regulations

  • Admission regulations Behavior and Cognition (in German )
  • Admission regulations Biodiversity and Ecology (in German )
  • Admission regulations Catalysis for Sustainable Synthesis (CaSuS) (in German )
  • Admission regulations Chemistry (in German )
  • Admission regulations Geosciences (in German )
  • Admission regulations Geography (in German )
  • Admission regulations GGNB (in German )
  • Admission regulations Mathematical Science (in German )
  • Admission regulations Molecular Medicine (in German )
  • Admission regulations Physics (in German )

Performance records (credit requirements and TAC meetings)