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Semester Fees

Semester fees are imposed for studying. The payment of these fees is required for enrolment at the University and for the renewal of your enrolment ("re-registration") for the following semester.

Semester fees for the winter semester 2018/19
total 348 Euro 40 Cent.

Semester fees for the summer semester 2018
total 337 Euro 01 Cent.

Exceptions: Special regulations apply for long-term students, students over 60 years of age, degree programmes with designated fees, as well as for guest students (for details see "legal regulations").

The semester fees comprise administration fees, student body fees and a Studentenwerk fee. Students of prolonged studies - usually, if the regular standard course length has been exceeded by six semesters or more - additionally pay fees for long-running studies (500 Euros). Please see Amount of the semester fees to find out the exact amount.