Videos from former exchange students

Uppsala University

Video mit Austauschstudentin aus Schwedin auf dem Campus der Uni Göttingen

Josefine Kärrman, Uppsala University, Sweden (Winter Semester 2022/2023)

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Video mit Austauschstudentin aus Mexiko auf dem Campus der Uni Göttingen

Yixili Ruiz Mendoza, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico (Winter Semester 2022/2023)

Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Argentinien vor dem Lern- und Studiengebäude

Justina Bardengo, Valentina Balbi und Agustin Lalor (v.l.), Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Summer Semester 2022)

University of Nottingham, England

Video mit Austauschstudent aus England im Seminarraum

Edward Cox, University of Nottingham, England (Winter Semester 2020/2021 and Summer Semester 2021)

Instituto Tecnologico de Puebla, Mexico

Video mit Austauschstudentin aus Mexiko im Seminarraum

Diana Elizabeth Guevara Ramírez, Instituto Tecnológico de Puebla, Mexico (Winter Semester 2020/2021 and Summer Semester 2021)

Korea University, Seoul, South Korea

Video mit Austauschstudent aus Südkorea vor dem LSG

Byeongmin Ko, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea (Summer Semester 2020)

Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Video mit Austauschstudent aus Chile

Manuel Escobar, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile (Summer Semester 2020)

University of Liège and Ghent University, Belgium

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Belgien

Lorane (left, University of Liège), Christoph (Double Degree in Finance, Accounting and Taxes, Ghent University) and François (right, Ghent University) (Winter Semester 2019/ 2020)

University of Tartu, Estland, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, and Università di Foggia, Italy

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Estland, Portugal und Italien

Kristi (left, University of Tartu), Beatriz (Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa) and Artur (Università di Foggia) (Winter Semester 2019/ 2020)

Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Spanien

Adriana (left) and Nerea (summer semester 2019)

Universidad de Guadalajara and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Mexiko

Juan Carlos (left), Mario Celim (right) from the Universidad de Guadalajara and Gerardo Olivo from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City (summer semester 2019)

Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile

Video mit Austauschstudierendem aus Chile

Joaquín (winter semester 2018/ 2019)

Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Video mit Austauschstudierender aus Shanghai

Jiarui (winter semester 2018/ 2019)

University of Mississippi, Oxford, USA

Video mit Austauschstudierender aus den USA

Kristin (winter semester 2018/ 2019)

National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Taiwan

Hsiao-En Chen and Hsuan-yi Shen (winter semester 2018/ 2019)

Lisbon School of Economics and Management
(ISEG), Portugal

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Lissabon

Ana (left) and Luzia (winter semester 2018/ 2019)

Catholic University of Lille

Video mit Austauschstudierender aus Lille/Frankreich

Sophie (summer semester 2018)

University of Perugia

Video mit Austauschstudierenden aus Perugia/Italien

Giulia and Marco (summer semester 2018)

National University of Singapore

Video mit Austauschstudierender aus Singapur

Lauryn (summer semester 2018)

Mendel University of Brno

Video mit Austauschstudierendem aus Tschechien

Jura (summer semester 2018)

Testimonials from former exchange students

Incoming Experience Interview Nathalie and Mathieu

What do you like about Göttingen?

"We really enjoyed our stay in Göttingen. The city is very charming as are the surroundings, and we can easily go in the nature, which is very enjoyable. Besides, we had the opportunity to visit cities with the student card (Hannover, Kassel, Hamburg, Magdeburg, ...) but also other cities outside Lower-Saxony (Cologne, Berlin, Dresden)."

How did you like the University life in the digital summer semester 2021?

"Regarding the university, we did not have the chance to have face-to-face courses but still, we met some fellow students thanks to the city tour and other activities organised by Katharina in the Exchange@WIWI programme.
The courses we chose are really interesting and different from France: we have to work more by ourself and it was more about research and documentation rather than learning by heart. We both especially enjoyed Essentials of Global Health. However, as Erasmus students, we are overwhelmed by the amount of work and we have really few times to visit, meet some friends and rest. We wanted to learn German, so we took the German class (which was great!) and we had 36 ECTS, which is quite a lot in our opinion (Annotation from the Faculty: We usually recommend only 30 ECTS per semester.)"

So, what's your overall feedback?

"Nevertheless, we do not regret our semester here, this was a very enriching experience. In the end, we wanted to thank you and all the personnel who are taking care of the exchange students, we never felt abandoned during this semester. We are glad that we could discover Göttingen!"

Incoming Experience Interview Susana

Susana, what are you studying in Göttingen?
"I’m studying Master in Development Economics.”

And why did you choose Göttingen for your exchange semester?

“I chose Göttingen for my exchange semester because of the high quality of the university: The programme is one of the most recognized ones in Germany in terms of development economics, which allows me to learn from experts in poverty, inequality, socioeconomics, behavioral and development economics.”

What do you like most about the city?

“If I was able to say in one word what I like about the city, it would be: environment. Since this is a city that is filled with students from different fields of study and different countries, you can find several environments in Göttingen that can fit different preferences: you have the academic, international, cultural, sport, nightlife, adventure, nature environments. There is always some event going on, and, of course, its location is perfect for travelling around Germany. The university has great spaces and the lectures (and professors) have exceeded my expectations.”