Dr. Alexander Silbersdorff (formerly Alexander Sohn)

I currently head the working group for data literacy which is responsible for the provision of the introductory courses in mathematics and statistics at the economics faculty as well as research in that area. In addition, I conduct research in various fields related to the teaching and application of data science.


My research focuses on both the teaching-methods for and the application of various statistical modelling approaches. On the one hand, I research the requirments, scope and limitations of teaching the fundamentals of data competencies. In a second strand of my research, I apply distributional regression to analyse economic inequalities and consider the scope and limits of deep learning algorithms with respect to their analytic capacity. In a third (residual) line of research, I have worked on a variety of questions from different fields - ranging from using informative priors in a Bayesian mixed methods framework in order to estimate the magnitude of rebound effects of energy usage to employing non-parametric Hidden Markov Models in a frequentist framework in order to analyse the diving behaviour of whales. After all the best thing about working as a statistician is that you to play in a lot of people's research-backyards.
Click here for a list of my published work and current working papers as well as data and software compiled for my research efforts.

I am currently responsible for the introductory lectures in mathematics and statistics for the economics faculty. Before, I have taught various courses on statistics, from non-technical introductions to statistics to advanced statistics courses on state of the art regression techniques. In addition to courses in statistics, I have also taught the course Heterodox Economics during the winter semester for the past years.
Click here for a list of courses I have taught so far.

Institutional Memberships
In conjunction with my research and teaching I aim to further the capacities of data analytics at our university at large - be it by offering statistical consultancies for PhD students within the Centre for Statistics or joining the fold of colleagues in the newly founded Campus-Institut Data Science. Moreover, I am involved in the university's Personalrat.

Technological Consultancy
Next to my work in academia, I also offer seminars and consultancies regarding technological changes for those outside the walls of the ivory tower, in particular for works council and staff council members in collaboration with the BTQ Kassel.

Vertrauensdozent der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
To those critical minds that have attained or hope to attain scholarschips by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, I am happy to lend my support.