Englisch für Agrarwissenschaften

English for Agricultural Science – B2.2 (4SWS)

The aim of English for Agricultural Science course is to enable students to work and study in an English-speaking environment. The course covers a range of relevant topics from soil health to animal welfare to sustainable practices, and places special emphasis on enriching topic-specific vocabulary. Students will listen to, read and discuss about current global agricultural scenarios, and learn to express their opinions on these topics in English, both verbally and in writing. Although the course is open to all students, basic background knowledge of agriculture is helpful.

Testing of all four skill areas - reading, writing, speaking and listening - are incorporated into calculating the final grade for the course. Students who successfully complete the course may, upon payment of 20 euros, apply for a UNIcert® II certificate.

English for Agribusiness – C1.1 (4SWS)

This unique project-based course focuses on the ins and outs of a field of business essential for all of our survival - food. Agribusiness is about way more than just the growing process of food - it encompasses everything related to agricultural outputs. So you might want to consider taking this course, even if you are not a student in the agriculture department. Here, you will get an in-depth, hands on view of working in the vast agriculture sector. Developing and improving active skills, such as business workflows and speaking and writing skills are the primary learning objectives of the course.