Englisch Grund- und Mittelstufe

The English programme aims to improve proficiency in the language by enhancing students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students are thus equipped with the necessary language skills to either move on to specialist advanced-level courses or interact in an academic environment and the English-speaking world in general. Vocabulary is constantly expanded and revised. We do not use set coursebooks, but try instead to improve students´command of the language by using up-to-date materials from a variety of sources in order to practise the grammar and vocabulary covered in each course. The courses incorporate a task-based approach to language learning, focusing on such aspects of the language so as to achieve meaningful, student-orientated objectives. The final examinations for each course reflect this method of teaching by testing students' aptitude in the four skill areas. Attention is also given to styles of communication and intercultural considerations. Students who successfully complete an upper intermediate course (B2,2) can receive, upon payment of 20 euros, a UNIcert II certificate.
In addition, we offer opportunities outside of the classroom in order to expose students to the English language. This includes the:

English Drama Workshop
The English Drama Workshop is open to students and teachers who are interested in theatre and would like to practise their English skills. The Drama Workshop culminates in an annual production at the “Theater im Op” (ThOP), a student theatre headed by the German department of the Jacob-Grimm-Haus. If you are interested in performing or helping out backstage while practising your English in a fun, friendly environment, please go to our Facebook page for more information: facebook

English Movie Night
The English Movie Night is a chance for students to watch movies in English and engage in thought-provoking discussion. It is hosted on Fridays at the Foyer International (Von-Siebold-Str. 2, Göttingen) at 6pm.
To view the current playlist, as well as to find out more, check out the following link.

English Workshop
The English Workshop offers students as well as university-affiliates the chance to meet new people, learn about the culture of English-speaking countries and discuss current events and topics of interest – all in English! It takes place every Wednesday at 8pm at the Foyer International (Von-Siebold-Str. 2, Göttingen).For more information, simply click on the following link.