Göttingen is the best place to be for international students in physics!

English-language Master's programme in Physics

We are looking for the best students worldwide.

Tradition of Excellence

Our university is connected with the outstanding results of more than 40 Nobel Prize winners, all of them having changed our view of the world.

From the Elementary Particle to the Universe - and everything in between

The Faculty of Physics is characterized by a broad and internationally renowned research spectrum in which students are involved at an early stage, covering the following modern topics:

  • Astrophysics and Geophysics
  • Biophysics and Physics of Complex Systems
  • Solid State and Materials Physics
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Theoretical Physics

Become part of one of more than fifty excellent research groups

Take-part in cutting edge research! Our research teams have played important roles in the detection of an Earth-mass planet orbiting our nearest stellar neighbor, the discovery of the Higgs particle and development of ultrafast analysis tools.

Research and Teaching under one roof

The Faculty of Physics provides a state of the art infrastructure for study and research, located in close vicinity to the Faculties of Chemistry, Computer and Natural Sciences as well as several Max-Planck Institutes and the Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen.

Participate in one of our national or international excursions

Profit from our worldwide collaborations with many other research institutes like CERN, DESY or international Telescopes.

Experience the community spirit in our Faculty

Particularly the willingness to assist each other. You will always find someone to discuss physics problems with or to explain how to run the experiments.

Save your money – We do not have tuition fees

Instead, earn some money while increasing your subject understanding and teaching competencies - we always have students’ jobs on offer.

But nevertheless get excellent support

Our qualified and motivated team of advisors will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have

The whole city is your campus

Almost a quarter of the 130.000 inhabitants are students. The picturesque medieval old town with pavement cafes and a lively bar scene invite you to linger. You can get everywhere quickly by bike or make free use of regional rail services and Göttingen’s city buses. Enjoy the international flair and the variety of cultural, and sports activities, Göttingen is NDR 2 Soundcheck City (new music festival) and also hosts the International Handel Festival.

What our students and graduates say about Göttingen

Rishabh Jha, PhD student and winner of this year's (2022) DAAD Prize for International Students

"The support system of the International Office as well as the Faculty of Physics at the University of Göttingen throughout my journey have been immense. I arrived during the prime of COVID pandemic in 2020 and this was one of the rare places where the focus was put on an individual to carry out all the required processes imposed due to lockdowns. This liberal attitude reflects in other aspects of the functioning of the Faculty of Physics too. One such example that comes to mind is the job of tutoring. Even some of the UG courses, which are conducted in German, have one or two tutorials in English for those who wish to do in English. One of my Master's advisor was in Spain with a local advisor at Göttingen and the whole bureaucratic process was flawlessly handled by the administration in the Faculty of Physics and the Examination Office. After my Master's, I decided to continue my PhD here not just due to a large spectrum of research groups but the versatility within those research groups to deal with a new problem. My research group with Prof. Dr. Stefan Kehrein works on studying strange metals that cannot be explained by established theories and my life experience in high-energy Physics allows me to expand this frontier using the various correspondences available at the interface of high-energy and condensed matter Physics. The very fact that this is highly welcomed by the Professor involved along with my colleagues in the research group is a testimony to the quality of science being done and the attitude of researchers involved in Göttingen."

R. Kanzler, employee at Hyperschall Technologie Göttingen

“With the support of the Faculty, for me career entry was very easy. I found the offer for my current job on their Career Websites. Also, the team of the Dean of Studies' Office provides tips and advice on applying for a job, which is really great.”

K. Echternkamp, PhD student

“The special feature of Göttingen is the variety of physics subjects. When I started studying physics here, I was sure I would specialize in particle or astrophysics. During my studies, I discovered my passion for solid-state physics. And because of the excellent research group, I’m now doing my PhD here in Göttingen.”