Herbarium GOET

The Herbarium Göttingen (GOET) currently houses about 800.000 specimens including more than 14.000 types.
The collection includes specimens of Friedrich Ehrhart and a historical set of plants from the South Sea, donated to the university by Georg Forster. Further important type collections available are those of F. G. Bartling, G. F. W. Meyer, A. Grisebach, H. & R. Solms-Laubach (mainly bryophytes), and A. Peter.

While A. Peter was at Göttingen, many classical collections were acquired, for example those of Hildebrandt from Madagascar, Zenker from Cameroun, and Pringle from Mexico. By far the most important herbarium is that of A. Grisebach. His herbarium contained a number of classical collections from the Near East (e.g. by Balansa, Boissier, Bourgeau, Heldreich, Kotschy, Pinard) including many isotypes of species mostly described by Boissier. There are also many collections from the West Indies and South America.

In recent years, the bryophyte collection was extended with about 50.000 specimens collected by S. R. Gradstein and collaborators in tropical America and Asia.