Integrated Plant and Animal Breeding (iPAB)


Shaping the future of breeding research
Are you interested in both crops and livestock?
Are you excited about an international career in breeding research?
Choose the new master's program:

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iPAB at a Glance:

Language: English

Admission requirements: BSc in agriculture, biology or related disciplines; the admission regulations for the master program "Agricultural Sciences" will be applied; ONLY FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Proof of proficiency in English: CEFR Level C1 (TOEFL or equivalent)

Your profile: High degree of self-motivation and natural curiosity to tackle complex biological problems; Research-minded and not afraid of big data, mathematics and statistics; Interest in a long term engagement in international breeding research

Contents/ Modules:

Compulsory modules:
Quantitative genetics and population genetics
Breeding schemes and programs in plant and animal breeding
Statistical genetics, breeding informatics and experimental design
Biotechnology and molecular genetics in plant and animal breeding
Selection theory, design and optimisation of breeding programs

Elective Modules:
Breeding Informatics
Legal issues in plant and animal breeding
Poultry breeding and genetics
Biotechnology and forest genetics
Genetic resources
Seed Marketing

...and further interesting modules...

Career perspectives:
iPAB prepares you for an international career in the breeding sector
- Plant breeding companies
- Animal breeding companies
- Breeding associations
- Public and private research centers
- Governmental agencies
- International organisations