Confirmed invited speakers

Prof. Antonio Echavarren, ICIQ Tarragona

Gold Catalysis: Cyclizations and Beyond

Dr. Hans Heuts, TU Eindhoven

Transition Metal Catalysis in Free-Radical Polymerization

Prof. Mark Lautens, University of Toronto

Palladium and Rhodium Mediated Transformations: No Strain, No Gain?

Prof. Walter Leitner, RWTH Aachen

"Green Solvents" for Catalysis - From Molecular Understanding to Reaction Engineering Concepts

Prof. Antoni Llobet, ICIQ Tarragona

Catalytic Oxidation of Water to Dioxygen: Towards New and Sustainable Energy Conversion Schemes

Dr. Björn Schlummer, Saltigo GmbH

Transition Metal Catalysis: From Laboratory Scale to Industrial Production

Prof. Matthias Tamm, TU Braunschweig

Development of alkyne metathesis catalysts: "It´s a game of give and take"

Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp, University Heidelberg

From Stereodynamics to Catalysis: New Routes in High-Throughput Screening