Doctoral Programme Catalysis for Sustainable Synthesis (CaSuS)

Catalysis is an important science at the interface between chemistry, physics, biology, engineering and material sciences that enables chemical processes to be realized in a cost-, energy and eco-efficient way. It is thus regarded as a key factor for sustainable development and innovation in the chemical and related industries.
The internationally designed Ph.D. programme CaSuS provides an educational platform and a stimulating environment for interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in this field, with a focus on molecular catalysis. Scientific projects range from the design of new types of molecular catalysts and the elucidation of fundamental reaction mechanisms to the synthesis of polymers or natural products and applications in industrially relevant processes. Interdisciplinary projects foster regular interaction of students across the borders of traditional sub disciplines of chemistry and enhance the student’s abilities to conduct their research in a collaborative manner within an environment of scientific excellence.

Top-level experimental research projects are the cornerstone of this Ph.D. programme. While the principal investigator of the respective research group is the main supervisor, every graduate student will be individually advised by a thesis committee that consists of three principal faculty members involved in CaSuS. A well-structured educational programme covers diversified topics in the context of catalysis and offers secondary skill courses. Students will gain profound methodological knowledge of different techniques that are essential in the field of modern catalysis research. In addition, students are encouraged to venture new ideas and to engage in their own activities and initiatives (including the organisation of seminar series, the invitation of renowned guest scientists, and the organisation of focused conferences).

Language: English
Duration: 6 semesters
Beginning: Winter semester (October), summer semester (April)
Application deadline: 15th of July (winter semester), 15th of January (summer semester),
15th of August 2009 for the next winter semester
Language requirements: Proof of proficiency in English
Study abroad units: optional
ECTS: 180