Invited Speakers

Prof. Theodor Agapie, Caltech, USA

Synthetic Cluster Models of Biological and Heterogeneous Oxygen Evolving Catalysts

Prof. Gerhard Erker, Universität Münster

Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry: Principles and Some Recent Results

Dr. Ronald Hage, Fa. Catexel, Leiden

Manganese and Iron oxidation and bleach catalysts and their relevance to industry

Prof. Nilay Hazari, Yale University, USA

Mechanism Guided Improvement of Pd(II) Precatalysts for Cross-Coupling

Prof. Fritz E. Kühn, TU München

Transition Metal Complexes for Oxidation Catalysis

Prof. Ruben Martin, ICIQ Tarragona, Spain

Metal-catalyzed Activation of C-O Bonds and Carbon Dioxide

Prof. James M. Mayer, Yale University, USA

Redox Reactivity of Colloidal Oxide Nanoparticles

Prof. Jan Paradies, University Paderborn

From Transitionmetal Complexes to Frustration - C-X Cross Couplings and Metal-free Hydrogenations

Prof. Rinaldo Poli, LCC Toulouse

A new platform for aqueous biphasic catalysis through controlled radical polymerization

Prof. Werner Thiel, TU Kaiserslautern

C-H-Activation in the Ligand Sphere of Transition Metal Catalysts

Dr. Ulrich Wietelmann, Rockwood Lithium GmbH, Frankfurt

Functionalized Lithium Initiators for Novel Synthetic Rubber Products

Prof. Charlotte K. Williams, Imperial College London

Catalytic Activation of Renewable Resources for Polymers