Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers

Prof. Mahdi Abu-Omar, UC Santa Barbara, USA

Chemical Synthons and Recycable Materials from Lignin

Dr. Elodie Anaxolabéhère-Mallart, Paris Diderot University, France

Electrochemistry and bioinspired metallic complexes for reductive O2 activation

Prof. Peter Chen, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Carbene Complexes in Metathesis and Cyclopropanation

Prof. Miquel Costas, Girona University, Spain

Selective Oxidations Inspired in Non Heme Iron Dependent Oxygenases

Dr. Volker Derdau, Sanofi, Germany

C-H-Functionalization for Hydrogen Isotope Exchange and Modern Application for Life Science

Prof. Abishek Dey, IACS Kolkata, India

Managing Protons and Electrons in Small Molecule Activation

Prof. Luca Gonsalvi, CNR Florence, Italy

Carbon Dioxide Catalytic Conversion to Chemicals and Fuels with Non-noble Metal Complexes

Prof. Igor Larrosa , Manchester University, UK

Transition metal catalyzed C-H activation: Reactivity, selectivity control and late-stage functionalization

Prof. Bernd Plietker, Stuttgart University

Breathing in and out Fe-NO-complexes in catalysis