Administrative positions open! For our research group as well as group for the RTG 2756 "CYTAC", we have two administrative positions open. Please see the official job announcements:

  • Administrative position at the Köster research group
  • Administrative position of the RTG 2756

  • Postdoc positions open! For our research group in collaboration with the ESRF as well as for the RTG 2756 "CYTAC", we have two Postdoc positions open. Please see the official job announcements:

  • Postdoc position at the Köster research group
  • Postdoc position of the RTG 2756

  • PhD position open! Within the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) consortium “DAta for PHoton and Neutron Experiments, DAPHNE4NFDI” (, we have a PhD position open. Please see the official job announcement:
    PhD position at the IRP within DAPHNE4NFDI

    Please contact us directly if you have questions.

    zelle_jobs_xsProjects for Bachelors and Masters theses are available throughout the year and upon request. We are always looking for motivated students to work on our different projects.
    Examples for current projects are (for any of the projects either contact Prof. Sarah Köster or the person indicated with the project; the contact details are found on the members list):

  • Small angle X-ray scattering on intermediate filament proteins (including mutants that lead to diseases) (contact: Jan-Philipp Burchert)
  • Cell imaging and co-localization of different cytoskeletal filament types, including image processing (contact: Ruth Meyer, Dr. Ulrike Rölleke)
  • Preparation of microfluidic flow chambers for x-ray experiments (contact: Boram Yu, Dr. Charlotte August)
  • Preparation of composite microfluidic flow chambers with integrated hydrogels (for cell migration experiments) (contact: Florencia Perachia)
  • Statistics on cells on micropatterns (contact: Anna Blob)
  • Microrheology in cells (contact: Kaan Ürgüp, Dr. Ulrike Rölleke)
  • Actin filaments and synaptic vesicles (contact: Magdalena Haaf, Tiago Mimoso)

  • Furthermore, we currently have open PhD and postdoc positions in the following fields:

  • Imaging of biological cells by combining X-rays and light microscopy
  • Mechanics and dynamics of the cytoskeleton
  • Force measurements on cardiomyocytes

  • We also welcome more advanced young researchers in our group and are happy to share the excellent infrastructure. If you are a postdoc with your own funding or willing to apply for your own funding, please contact us. Likewise, in case you would like to start you own independent junior research group with secured funding (e.g. ERC Starting Grant, Emmy Noether Fellowship of the DFG or similar) please contact us, so we can discuss the possibilities we can offer in Göttingen.

    Prof. Dr. Sarah Köster
    Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
    Institute for X-Ray Physics
    Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1, F.00.106
    37077 Göttingen, Germany