One treatment does not fit all: restoration thinning in Douglas-fir plantations

Klaus J. Puettmann

Date: March 27, 2019
Time: 4 pm
Place: F 0.1 (Büsgenweg 1)

The presentation provides an overview of results from two large-scale research studies initiated in the 1990s in Oregon to investigate how the development of old-growth structures can be accelerated in young homogeneous, even-aged Douglas-fir stands. Treatments included different thinning intensities, intermixed with leave islands and gaps of various sizes. Different components of stand structure and composition responded uniquely to restoration thinnings, suggesting that achieving a wide range of structures and composition requires the full suite of silvicultural treatments. Trade-offs among ecosystem services occurred as result of these contrasting responses, suggesting that foresters set priorities where and when different vegetation structures are most desirable within a stand or landscape.