We are very proud to announce that two of our now graduated PhD students, Elsa and Daniel, have received the prize for the best publication of University of Göttingen from the board of trustees for our joint publication with the Erpenbeck lab in Nature Communications.

August, We have designed an inside cover picture for the August edition of Angewandte Chemie. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Niklas!

June, We have published a review article on recent advances in live imaging of neurotransmitters. Have a look here.

June, We have published a cool research on nanotube defects as a toolbox for functionalization with peptides and proteins. Congrats to Florian and the other collaborators! Take a look here.

April, We have new students joining our lab! Larrisa and Milan will do their Bachelor's thesis and Jundan will do her master's thesis in our group. We welcome them to our lab and wish them luck!

April, Our most recent research on transport of nano-cargo by neutrophils is now online in Nanoscale, Congrats to everybody involved.

March, "A pigment from ancient Egypt to modern microscopy", take a look at the press release of our recent article.

Our publication has gained traction in the media, you can check out some of the news coverage below.

Nature Communications article metrics: Metric.

La Republica: "Dal colore di Nefertiti un aiuto per la ricerca biomedica."

Smart news: "New Tool for Biomedical Research Was Invented in Ancient Egypt."

ScienceDaily: "A pigment from ancient Egypt to modern microscopy."

March, We have a new PhD student! Maria has joined our lab to work on photophysics of carbon nanotube-based optical sensors. We wish her best of luck!

March, Our article titled "Exfoliated near infrared fluorescent silicate nanosheets for (bio)photonics" is now online in Nature Communications. Congrats to everyone involved for their hard work!

March, Here is our response to a recent correspondence on concerns about nanotube safety, published in Nature Nanotechnology by Daniel Heller and several groups including us. It is crucial to scientifically assess risks and chances in nanomedicine.

March, We have published a review article on cellular mechanisms involved in NETosis, have a look here. Congrats to everyone involved!

March, Our work on monitoring plant health with fluorescent nanosensors has been published in Nanoletter. Congratulations to Robert and our collaborating partners in UC Riverside, California!

January, We have a new PhD student! Alex has joined our lab to work on fundamental kinetics and photophysics of carbon nanotube-based optical sensors. We wish him best of luck!


20. December, Sebastian has been accepted to the Heisenberg programme of the DFG. We are very thankful and it is a great appreciation of our scientific work in the past few years.
16. December, We have published a book chapter entitled "Chemical Imaging with Fluorescent Nanosensors" in 21st Century Nanoscience - A Handbook: Advanced Analytic Methods and Instrumentation (Volume 3). Have a look!
12. December, Sebastian gives a talk at EPFL and visits the lab of Ardemis Boghossian.
18. November, Our preprint on cargo transport by neutrophils has been uplaoded on bioRxiv. Have a look!
8. November, Sebastian present's our work on near infrared labels vor single proteins at the Single molecule tracking workshop in Ulm.
27. October, Gabriele and Sebastian present our work on nanomaterials at the Graphene Co conference in Bad Herrenalb!
8. October, Cell Physics conference in Saarbruecken. Sebastian talks about our insights into neutrophil biophysics!
2. October, Our study on the multispectral niR absorption imaging for histology has been accepted in the Journal of Biophotonics. Congratulations to Alexander and all Co-authors!
28/29. September, The Kruss lab and the Erpenbeck lab met for our every year's NanoBioTechnology Symposium. We had a wonderful meeting with great discussions. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
27. September, Our paper on the impact of blue and long-wave ultraviolet light on the formation of NETs has been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Immunology. Congratulations to all authors!
13. September Our study on the effect of adhesion and substrate elasticity on NET formation has been accepted in Frontiers in Immunology. Congratulations to the entire team!!
16. August Our work on the near-infrared serotonin-selective nanosensor NIRSer has been published in Nano Letters. Fantastic work of Meshkat and all Co-authors. Congratulations!
25. July Florian, Robert and Sebastian visited the NT19 conference on low dimensional materials. Robert presented his Nanoscale paper on nanotube separation and Sebastian gave an invited talk on our biosensor work. We had many fruitful discussions on our multiple posters with the nanotube and 2D community. Great meeting and thanks to Tobias Hertel for the fantastic organisation.
21. June Check out our recent collborative work with the Grosshans and the Alim lab on active matter behavior in drosophila embryos. Amazing how the nuclei move collectively during embryogenesis. Link
5. June Our newest review article was published in Nature Nanotechnology together with the lab of Juan Pablo Giraldo at UC Riverside. It gives an overview on Nanobiotechnology approaches to embed sensors in plants and make them 'smart'.
30. May Florian gives a talk at the Bunsentagung in Jena. Robert, Meshkat, Gabriele, Alex and Niklas represented us with Posters on their recent projects.
27. May Sebastian presents our work at the ECS meeting in Dallas.
25. May Our paper on the purification of nanotubes with different chiralities has been accepted. We congratulate Robert and all other co-workers for this fantastic work!
20. May Our work on nanobody conjugated nanotubes for targeted near‐infrared in vivo imaging and sensing has been accepted at Angewandte Chemie. The first version is already online. Congratulations Florian! Fantastic work!
26. April Sabrina and Frederike started their bachelor thesis. They will work on our projects on near infrared fluorescent sensors and labeling techniques. Welcome and good luck!
5. April Talk by Sebastian at the DPG meeting.
26. March Talk by Sebastian at the Anakon conference about our biosensor work.
21. March Sebastian gives a talk at Wien University about our recent research.
2. February Congratulations to Robert for his new paper on DNA adsorption on carbon nanotubes in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Ever wondered how many DNA molecules adsorb on one nanotube and the implications for sensing and MD simulations. Check it out here.
31. January Elsa wins the Egon-Macher prize of the german society for dermatological research for her paper on chromatin swelling in immune cells. Great work and congratulations to the whole team!
22. January We show interesting near Infrared and Infrared experiments tomorrow at the Nacht des Wissens in Göttingen. Stop by if you around.
4. January Our collaborative work with the Erpenbeck lab has been accepted at Frontiers of Immunology. We show that in vitro formation of NETs varies with medium composition, which has important implications for NETosis research. Fantastic work by Elsa and Susanne!
Here is the link.
2. January Our preprint on the impact of adhesion and substrate stiffness on NETosis is online. Important implications for the regulation of inflammatory processes.

4. December Sabrina joins the group for her bachelor thesis. She will work on novel near infrared fluorescent labeling techniques. Welcome!
5. November We will present near infrared fun experiments at the Nacht des Wissens in Göttingen next year.
1. November Our collaborative paper on adhesion of melanoma cells on nanostructured surfaces has been accepted by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.
15. October Alexander joins the group again for his master thesis and will work on multispectral imagin. Nice to have you back!
20. September Luise and Sebastian present our work at the ‘Imaging of the immune system’ meeting in Paris.
17. September Biennial Meeting of the German Biophysical Society (DGfB): Elsa, Daniel, Gökhan and Meshkat present posters and Sebastian gives a talk about our research.
14. September Our work on entropic swelling of chromatin during NET formation in Nature Communications is now online. Thanks to all contributors and great cooperations.
Press release. SFB-homepage. Göttinger Tageblatt.
13. September We inaugurated our new nIR-setup MALLORCA. Big thanks to Daniel and Florian!!!
12. September Our collaborative work with the Schön and Spatz lab on adhesion of melanoma cells has been accepted in the journal of investigative dermatology.
17. August We are are now associated member of the SFB 937. For further information please have a look at the SFB-homepage.
20. July Elsas and Daniels biophysics paper on entropic chromatin swelling in immune cells has been accepted by Nature Communications. Fantastic job!
19. June Talk by Sebastian at the E-MRS meeting in France.
14. June Florian's and Jan's work on carbon nanotubes encapsulated by peptide barrels appears as cover.

23. May Elena defended today her thesis "Optical bionanosensors for neurotransmitter detection". Congratulations!!!
15. May Sebastian gives an invited talk at the 233rd ECS Meeting in Seattle.
12. May Daniel gets a poster prize at the Bunsentagung in Hannover. Congratulations!

11. May Daniel, Robert and Niklas present a poster at the Bunsentagung in Hannover.
11. May Talks by Florian and Elsa at the Bunsentagung in Hannover.
1. May Elenas paper on peptide functionalized carbon nanotubes has been accepted. In this work we show how to tune the affinity of modified nanotubes for cell surface receptors and use the nIR fluorescence of the nanotubes for imaging. Many thanks to our collaboration partner Lela Vukovic who provided very impressive MD simulations. Great work and congratulations.
30. April Meshkat joins the lab as PhD student and will work on our sensors for neurotransmitters. Welcome and a good start!
18. April Talk by Sebastian at the University of Fribourg.
16. April Helen starts her master thesis and she will explore novel nIR fluorescent materials. Welcome and good luck!
15. April Gabriele joins the lab as PhD student and he will work on our multispectral imaging project. Welcome and we wish you all the best!
9. April Saba joins the lab for her bachelor thesis. She will work on cell migration and image analysis. Welcome and good luck!
26. March Talk by Sebastian at Saarland University about our chemical imaging approaches.
5. March Next week Biomaterial days (ThGOT) in Zeulenroda. Sebastian will present our work and give an outlook on possible biomedical applications.
5. March Niklas received a travel grant from the Bunsen-Society. Great job!
28. February Florian's, Jan's and Daniel's paper about encapsulation of nanotubes in barrels was accepted by Chemistry- A European Journal. Fascinating structures and a great collaboration with the Thomas lab. Congratulations!
22. February Sebastian gave a talk about our biophysics and nanosensor work in Edinburgh at the Synthetic Biology center. Great new insights and fruitful discussions with the Pilizota lab and others!
22. February Seren joins us for a research project on new nanomaterial functionalization concepts for biosensors. Welcome!
1. February Florian and Elsa will give talks at the Bunsen Society Meeting in Hannover. The rest of the group will present posters.
26. January Upcoming talks by the group: University of Edinburgh, ThGOT, DPG, University of Fribourg, Bunsen-Society meeting, ESC Meeting in Seattle, EMRS.
8. January We visit the Quantitative Bioimaging Conference. Florian, Elsa and Daniel present posters and Sebastian gives a talk. !
11. December Our collaborative work with Michael Schön and Katharina Amschler on nanoscale tuning of melanoma cell adhesion got accepted in Mol. Canc. Research.
1. December Robert and Gökhan start their PhD in our group. Robert will work on optical sensing and Gökhan on the collective behavior of cells and nanochannels. Welcome and have a good start!
1. November We receive funding from the GGNB graduate school to hire a PhD student and start a new research direction. Thanks a lot! We are looking forward to exploring new areas.
15. October Alexander joins us again for an internship and will work on 2D materials. Jan joins us for his bachelor thesis. He will investigate the self assembly of peptide barrels in a collaboration with the Thomas lab. Welcome and have fun!
15. October Our review article about chemical imaging gets published in the Bunsenmagazin. Check it out to get an overview about imaging with nanosensors. Great job by Florian, Daniel and Sabrina!
25. September Sebastian presents our sensor and nIR imaging work at the Biophysics by the Sea conference & Be optical workshop on Mallorca.
16. September Group retreat at Kloster Ilsenburg. Great talks, long discussions and special food thanks to Niklas...
13. September The group attends the collaborative reserach center (SFB 937) retreat about physics of complex and biological systems. We present our work on biophysics of immune cells. Hope for interesting feedback!
10. September The lab receives funding from the chemical industry funds (FCI). Thanks again for generous and ongoing support.
20. July Sebastian presents our work on fluorescent chemical imaging at the IUPAB&EBSA meeting in Edinburgh.
29. June We will receive funding from the VW foundation to develop new sensors for biomedical applications. Soon there will be openings for two new PhD students. We are very grateful to the VW foundation for this support and the opportunity to explore new fields.
26. June Our newest paper about selectivity of neurotransmitter sensors got accepted. Congratulations to Florian and Niklas!
7. June Talk by Sebastian at the Intelligent Materials Conference in Kiel.
26. May Florian wins a GGNB/Max Planck Research School fellowship. Great job and congratulations!
26. May Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry meeting in Kaiserslautern. Sebastian receives the Ewald-Wicke prize and gives a lecture on our research on nano sensors. Great honour and many thanks to the selection commitee. Florian presents two posters in the nanoscience and physical chemistry for the life sciences session.
25. May Sabrina submits her Master thesis. Congratulations and great work!
19. May Sebastian attends and represents the group at the "Steinheimer Gespräche". Many interesting talks about origami and microfluidics!
5. April Daniel's and Annika's first paper appears in ACS Nano. They developed a simulation to predict the fluorescence image of nano sensors exposed to a certain analyte profile. This work helps us to understand which biological processes can be resolved by chemical imaging and how to develop the best sensors for it. Great Job!
15. March Niklas and Taija join the lab for their Bachelor thesis. They will work on new sensors concepts. Welcome!
14. February We received a DFG grant and are looking for new PhD-students. Please contact Sebastian if you are interested in joining our lab!
8. February MIT News features Sebastian's paper with the Strano group on
imaging of dopamine release from cells .
8. February New publication in PNAS on imaging of neurotransmitters. For the first time it is now possible to really see how and where dopamine is released by cells. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter and involved in learning and reward control.
7. February Congratulations to Florian, who is now a member of the gGNB graduate school!
2. January Sebastian will receive the Ewald-Wicke Prize 2017 of the Bunsen Society. Great appreciation of our work! Thanks to all who contributed to our research and of course many thanks to the German Bunsen Society!
2. January Happy new year!
15. December GDCh-Weihnachtskolloquium in Göttingen. Sebastian will talk about our work on chemical imaging.
26. November Bier&Brezl talk about our groups' work by Sebastian (Wöhler Hörsaal).
15.November Florian joins the lab for his PhD thesis. He will work on novel platforms for fluorescent sensors. Welcome!
2.November Elena and Sebastian visited the Carbon Nanotubes meet 2D materials workshop in Heidelberg and presented our research. Great workshop and a lot of new insights!
5.October Sebastian received the Georg-Manecke prize of the GDCh by Prof. Katharina Landfester in Berlin at the Functional Biointerfaces Conference. Congratulations to the whole group and thanks to Nina Manecke and the GDCh!

26. September We are a new group in the cluster of excellence CNMPB and will work on nanoscale imaging with sensors. There is an opening for a PhD position in this context.
26. September German Biophysical Society Meeting in Erlangen. Sebastian will present our biophysical research.
16. September Sebastian will give a talk at the Picoquant conference in Berlin about chemical imaging and fluorescent sensors. Elena will present a poster about her neurotransmitter sensor work.
15. September Annika and Alexander finished their Bachelor thesis. Congratulations!
10. August Our work is featured by the NDR.
27. July Talk by Sebastian at the LMU Munich about the group's research.
23. July Sebastian will receive the Georg-Manecke prize of the GDCH for his work on polymers and its applications to the life sciences. It will be awarded at the Functional Biointerfaces Symposium in Berlin in October. A great honor for the group and thanks a lot to the selection committee.
14-17 July The group had an exciting retreat in the black forest together with the Erpenbeck group.
24. June Sebastian gives a talk about our biophysical research and a new type of cell death at the Cell Biophysics Conference in Saarbruecken.
16. June The groups work is presented by Sebastian at the Steinheimer Gespräche (FCI)
7. June 2016 Sebastian gives an invited talk at the GDCH colloquium at Kassel University.
25. May 2016 Alexander joins the lab for his bachelor thesis. He will purify carbon nanotube samples and investigate methods to achieve brighter nanotube fluorescence! Welcome!
20. May Congratulations ! Daniel receives a PhD fellowship by GGNB/Lower Saxony.
7. May 2016Sebastian gives a talk about photo physics of carbon nanotubes at the Bunsentagung in Rostock.
5.-7. May 2016 Elena visits the Bunsentagung and presents her work on nanotubes
11. April 2016 Sabrina joins the lab for her master thesis. She will investigate fluorescence properties of our nanosensors! Welcome!
22. March 2016 Sebastian presents our work at the Chemiedozententagung in Heidelberg!
7. March 2016 Annika joins the lab for her bachelor thesis. She will model the optical response of our nanosensors ! Welcome!
15. February 2016 Katharina joins the lab as rotations student. Welcome!
11. January 2016 Elena's paper about the impact of redox-active molecules on the fluorescence of polymer/nanotubes was accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry! Link.
8. January 2016 New paper in Nature Communications about fibrinogen biosensors. Link.
8. January Daniel gets a fellowship to attend the HeKKSaGOn winter school in Kyoto. Congratulations and have fun!
29. November 2015 Novel Probes for Fluorescence Microscopy (NPFM) meeting in Göttingen. Sebastian gives a talk about our biosensor work.
22. October 2015 Elena's first paper about neurotransmitter nano sensors was accepted in the Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Congratulations!
22. October Daniel joins the lab as PhD student! Welcome!
14.-16. October 2015: Elena attends the Third Infinity conference in Göttingen and presents her work on carbon nanotube photophysics in a poster and a short flash talk.
1. October 2015 New paper published in Carbon about how molecular recognition on carbon nanotube sensors depend on their chirality. Link
13.-16. September: Sebastian presents our work at the MAF 14 conference in Wuerzburg.
1. September 2015: Elsa joins the lab as PhD student! Welcome!
7. July 2015 New paper published in Analytical Chemistry about how antibodies bind and how much the binding affinity varies. Link
1. July 2015 We present our research at the Göttingen Chemie Forum 2015.
16. May 2015 New paper in Journal of Physical Chemistry C accepted. This theoretical work explains how polymers have to be arranged on cylindrical nano materials for molecular recognition applications. Link.
11. May 2015 Sebastian gives a talk about 'Nano tools to decipher cellular communication' at Basel University & D-BSSE ETH Zuerich.
14. April 2015 Talk by Sebastian at the SFB 937 (Tuesday 17:00 SR3 Theoretical Physics).
17. March 2015 New paper in Journal of Physical Chemistry C published. This work provides kinetic data of DNA and RNA binding and rearrangements on carbon nanotubes. Link.
16. March 2015 Sebastian gives a talk at the DPG Spring meeting (Biological Physics section) in Berlin.
12. March 2015 Sebastian gives a talk at the Deutsches Biosensorsymposium 2015 in Munich.
3. March 2015 Sebastian gives a talk at the Chemiedozententagung 2015 in Regensburg.
20. February 2015: Elena becomes a member of GGNB. Congratulations!
12. November 2014: Homepage goes online!
1. November 2014: Elena joins the lab as PhD student!