New positions available
1) We are looking for several new PhD students that join our group in Bochum and work on novel materials and their spectroscopy, biosensors and biophotonics.
2) Within the cluster RESOLV we look for one PhD student in the field of solvation around carbon nanotubes to improve our understanding of molecular recognition in biosensing.
3) We have an opening for a PhD student working on biomedical applications of our optical sensors (in collaboration and located at the Fraunhofer IMS in Duisburg).
4) We are looking for a Postdoc in Bochum that has a background in microscopy and spectroscopy and helps us to build and use new optical setups.

We are always looking for enthusiastic students who want to join our lab for a bachelor/master/PhD thesis or as postdoc. We are an interdisciplinary group and therefore students from different fields such as chemistry, biology, physics or materials science are welcome!
If you are interested, please send me an email and attach your CV or stop by my office and we can discuss research topics. email

In general, possible projects are:

1. Physical chemistry of materials (e.g. carbon nanotubes and silicates) including photophysics, spectroscopy, chemistry and purification

2. Biosensors for biomedical applications

3. Peptide and DNA chemistry on nanomaterials

4. Near infrared spectroscopy and microscopy

5. Monte-Carlo simulations of chemical signaling, sensing and nanomaterial photophysics

6. Biophysics and cell biology of (immune) cells