Open PhD positions:

  • Project A1: Developmental interplay of curiosity, meta-cognition and social learning (Download PDF)

  • Project A2: Active acquisition of ecological and social information in wild macaques (Download PDF)

  • Project A3: Predictors of curiosity in Guinea baboons (Download PDF)

  • Project A4: To know or not to know – emotional, motivational and person-related factors of seeking or avoiding information (Download PDF)

  • Project B1: How does curiosity modulate the integration of sampled external information into internal models of the world? (Download PDF)

  • Project B2: Social and fitness benefits of curiosity in nonhuman primates (Download PDF)

  • Project B3: Curiosity-driven learning in children’s reading behaviour and knowledge acquisition (Download PDF)

  • Project B4: Is there a curiosity boost in early category learning? (Download PDF)

  • Project C1: Neural systems underlying curiosity-driven sampling of perceptual information (Download PDF)

  • Project C3: The mechanistics of local-learning rules for curiosity in neural network models (Download PDF)

  • Project C4: Modelling curiosity constrained by planning (Download PDF)

  • Project C5: Information theoretic models of curiosity in hierarchical models of the world (Download PDF)

Open Postdoc positions:

  • Project 1: Developmental & Comparative Psychology (Download PDF)

  • Project 2: Machine Learning & Cognitive (Neuro)science, deadline extended until January 31, 2024 (Download PDF)