Prof. Dr. Ralph Mitlöhner

PhD Project Supervision (24)

2020 ongoing: “Forest succession analyses as the basis for close-to-nature reforestation planning in W Uganda” (Hoang Phuong Tu, Vietnam);

2016-2019: “Site Adaptability of Mangrove Species in Myanmar” (Aung Myat San, Myanmar), funded by DAAD and Forest Department, Myanmar;

2015-2019: “Close-to-Nature Reclamation if Post Coal Mining Areas in Kalimantan, Indonesia” (Tedi Yunanto, Indonesia), funded by European Union;

2010-2019: “Structure and Regeneration of Lowland Moist Deciduous Forests in Tam Dao, Vietnam” (Chau Ha Dao-Bär, Vietnam), funded by DAAD;

2013-2017: “Status and Management of the Buffer Zone Forests in the Taninthayi Nature Reserve, Tenasserim, Myanmar”, (Idd Idd Shwe Zin, Myanmar) funded by DAAD and FD, Myanmar;

2012 ongoing: “Structural dynamics and successional pattern of tropical lowland evergreen moist forests of Papua, Indonesia” (Yosias Ghandi, Indonesia), funded by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI), Indonesia;

2012-2016: “Structure and dynamics of evergreen moist broad-leaf forests of Xuan Nha Nature Reserve in the Son La Province, Vietnam” (Do Thi Ngoc Le, Vietnam), funded by Vietnamese Government;

2012-2015: “Structure and dynamics of montane tropical evergreen moist forests in Kon Ha Nung, Central Highlands of Viet Nam.” (Ngo Van Cam, Vietnam), funded by Vietnamese Government;

2012-2015: “Structure and environment of tropical evergreen moist forest on limestone in Ba Be National Park, Vietnam” (Van Binh Le, Vietnam), funded by Vietnamese Government;

2012-2015: “Moist lowland evergreen forests and environmental factors in Ben En National Park, Vietnam” (Nguyen Van Tinh, Vietnam), funded by Vietnamese Government;

2010-2013: “Gradual Transformation of forest plantations in to close-to-natural forests in NE Vietnam” (Vu Van Hung, Vietnam), funded by Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KFW), Frankfurt;

2009-2013: “Structure and site conditions of Dry Deciduous Forests in Central Myanmar” (Nyunt Khaing, Myanmar), funded by DAAD;

2008-2012: “Growth and Site Conditions of Acacia mangium, Acacia hybrid, Eucalyptus urophylla, Cinnamomum parthenoxylon and Erythrophleum fordii for Livelihood Security of Smallholders in Industrial Tree Planting Programs of Vietnam” within the BMZ/BEAF/CIFOR-Projekt “Strengthening Rural Institutions to Support Livelihood Security for Smallholders Involved in Industrial Tree-Planting Programs in Vietnam and Indonesia” with Profs Kleinn and Kanninen;

2008-2012: “Structure and regeneration of lowland moist evergreen forests in North and Central Vietnam”. (Pham Minh Toai, Vietnam), funded by the Vietnamese Government;

2005-2010: “Bamboo management systems based on local knowledge of ethnic minorities in North and Central Vietnam”. (Tran Viet Ha, Vietnam), funded by the Vietnamese Government;

2005-2009: ”Tree species response to the light regime in evergreen moist forests of Northern Vietnam”. (Hung Pham Quoc, Vietnam), funded by DAAD;

2001-2005: “Forest fragmentation and species spread in secondary gallery forests of Northern Vietnam”. (Thi Que Anh Vu, Vietnam), funded by DAAD;

2001-2005: “Stable carbon isotopes and plant water relations in the Acacia savanna woodlands of Ethiopia: Implications for reforestation and paleoclimatic reconstructions”.(Aster Gebrekirstos, Ethiopia), funded by DAAD;

2000-2003: “Vegetation structure and management of the traditional Rattan gardens at the upper Barito in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia”. (Yudi Arifin, Indonesia), funded by DAAD;

1999-2004: “Ecology and management of Boswellia papyrifera in the dry deciduous forests of Northern Ethiopia”. (Kindeya Gebrehiwot, Ethiopia), funded by DAAD;

1999-2005: “Ecological Evaluation of dominant semi-arid savanna tree and shrub species for adaptation to environmental stress and land degradation in south-central Kenya”. (Edward Mengich in collaboration with Eggerton University, Kenya), partly funded by DAAD;

1998-2004: “Site-species matching and planting techniques for arid-zone forestry in Namibia” (Joachim Krug; Germany);

1997-2001: “The competitive strength of Moso bamboo (Pyllostachys pubescent Mazel ex H. de Lehaie) in the natural mixed evergreen broad-leaf forests of the Fujian Province, China”. (Jinhe Fu, V.R. China), funded by DAAD;

1997-2001: “Growth and site conditions of Eucalyptus grandis (Hill) Maiden in Sri Lanka”. (Thavananthan Sivananthawerl, Sri Lanka), funded by DAAD.