PhD students University of Goettingen

Second cohort
Ishani Shankar Das
Ishani Shankar Das
Project: M2.2
Title: Mycorrhizal-induced systemic resistance
Isha Goyal
Isha Goyal
Project: S2.4
Title: Unravelling SA-independent processes during systemic acquired resistance (SAR)
Alexandra Nagel
Alexandra Nagel
Project: B2.3
Title: Rhizosphere as fungal barrier to reach plant roots
Andrea Vasquez
Andrea Vasquez Chacon
Project: S2.1
Title: Cell death signaling in the Arabidopsis chitin receptor mutant cerk1-4
Qiqi Yan
Qiqi Yan
Project: S2.3
Title: Functional analysis of paired NLR immune receptors in plant immunity
Third cohort
Durga Bhukya_klein
Durga Bhukya
Project: S3.4
Title: The effect of parasitic plants on host immunity against microbial pathogens
Ana Paula Chavez Rodriguez_klein
Ana Paula Chavez Rodriguez
Project: B3.3
Title: Rhizosphere as fungal barrier to reach plant roots
Ying-Yu Chen_klein
Ying-Yu Chen
Project: M3.2
Title: Interplay between fungal secondary metabolite formation, secretion of proteins and signal transduction
Hawi Deressa Kenea_klein
Hawi Deressa Kenea
Project: M3.4
Title: Intraspecific signals in parasitic plants
Gagan Gupta_klein
Gagan Gupta
Project: B3.1
Title: Verticillium effectors mediating host plant cell identity switches and host colonization
Lina Helwig_klein
Lina Helwig
Project: B3.4
Title: Function of cuticular waxes in plant response to stress
Ben Hossbach_klein
Ben Moritz Hoßbach
Project: S3.1
Title: Functional characterization of known and candidate regulatory proteins that are (potentially) required for N-hydroxpipecolic acid (NHP)-induced gene expression
Shubhangi Kalla_klein
Shubhangi Kalla
Project: B3.2
Title: MAMP induced programmed cell death signaling in Arabidopsis
Moritz Klein_klein
Moritz Klein
Project: M3.3
Title: Metabolism and functions of cyclopentenones in bryophytes
Nur Uddin Mahmud_klein
Nur Uddin Mahmud
Project: S3.2
Title: Identification and characterization of UPR regulated virulence factors in Ustilago maydis
Disha Rathi_klein
Disha Rathi
Project: M3.1
Title: Mycosporines in spore-type specific development and corn anthracnose spreading
Anja Sieven_klein
Anja Katharina Sieven
Project: S3.3
Title: Modulation of signaling and infrastructure during the biotrophic Ustilago maydis/maize interaction