Gender equality

Gender equality is part of the institutional strategy of the University of Goettingen.

Available measures of the university for all doctoral researchers:

Additional measures will be offered specifically for doctoral researchers of the IRTG:

IRTG-measures for doctoral researchers with children:

  • child-care during evening seminars

  • support in organizing child-care during external internships

IRTG-measures for female doctoral students:

  • PIs and visiting researchers as role models:
    → Career discussions with scientists from science and industry, integration of family and career in Canada and Germany

  • Soft skill courses for women (GGNB):
    → Empowerment - how you get what you want
    → Successful and authentic self-presentation
    → Speak out-voice training for women

  • Women's Career and Networks Symposium (GGNB):
    → Bring women in contact with a scientific community with successful careers in academia, industry, public sector etc.