Prof. Dr. Hans Christian Hofsäss

Research Interests
My scientific work is in nuclear solid state physics, thin film physics and ion beam physics. My current research interests include (a) implanted impurities and defects in semiconductors (diamond, GaN); emission channeling studies of lattice sites and diffusion of impurities; PAC and PL studies of implantation defects. (b) Ion beam synthesis of materials; Nucleation and growth of diamondlike thin films; Ion-solid interaction. (c) New concepts in ion beam analysis (scattering-recoil coincidence spectroscopy, position sensitive detection in ion scattering spectroscopy).

Career History
* Born 1956
* 1982 Diploma (U Konstanz)
* since 1984 Experiments at the ISOLDE Isotope separator, CERN
* 1987 PhD (U Konstanz, adviser E. Recknagel)
* 1988 Dornier Research Award 1988
* 1988-1989 Postdoc, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (with Prof. W.-K. Chu)
* 1989-1994 Senior researcher (U Konstanz)
* since 1989 Group leader of experiments at ISOLDE/ CERN
* 1994 Habilitation (U Konstanz)
* 1994-1998 Research Assistant (U Konstanz)
* since 1998 & Professor, U Göttingen