Research Interests
How has our universe evolved from the nearly homogeneous state of the
early universe into the complex web of structures that we observe
today? Can we reproduce the most important features of this evolution with
supercomputer simulations, and use this information to learn about the
earliest stages of structure formation and the contents of the
universe? What are the seeds for the inhomogeneities, and what can
they teach us about physics before the hot big bang? The cosmology
group at the Institute for Astrophysics works on these and related
questions with a combination of analytic studies, computer
simulations, and astronomical observations.

Career History
*1994 Diploma, TU Munich
*1994-95 visiting PhD student, UC Santa Cruz
*1995 PhD, TU Munich
*1995-1997 Postdoc, MPA, Garching
*1997-1999 Enrico-Fermi-Fellow, Univ. of Chicago
*1999-2000 Max-Planck-Fellowship, Univ. of Chicago
*2000-2002 Research Scientist, MPA, Garching
*2002-2009 Professor, Univ. of Würzburg
*2009 Full Professor, Univ. of Göttingen

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