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Tuesday, Dec 4
18:00 (open end) – Pre-conference warm up at restaurant Apex (Burgstraße 46).

Day 1
Wednesday, Dec 5
conference venue: Alte Mensa (Wilhelmsplatz 3, city center)
8:00 ff.
Registration (at the conference venue)
Opening (Hannah-Vogt-Saal)
Main Session
Workshop "Heritage Slavic Languages
in Children and Adolescents"

Chair: Jovana GajićChair: Andreas Blümel
9:30-10:00Boban Arsenijević (Graz)
World-relatives and their flavors
Natalia Gagarina (Berlin)
10:00-10:30Daniel Tiskin (St Petersburg)
Two relativisation strategies under superlatives in Russian
Assunta Süss (Berlin), Elizabeth Stadtmiller (Munich), Katrin Lindner (Munich) and Natalia Gagarina (Berlin)
Heritage vs. monolingual acquisition of Russian: Diversity in timing and developmental paths?
Chair: Hedde ZeijlstraChair: Hagen Pitsch
11:00-11:30Ekaterina Lyutikova and Sergei Tatevosov (Moscow)
Minor's puzzle revisited: On raising effects in Russian control verbs
Bernhard Brehmer (Greifswald), Kamil Długosz (Poznań), Raina Gielge (Greifswald) and Aldona Sopata (Poznań)
Age of onset effects in the acquisition of null arguments in Polish and German as heritage languages
11:30-12:00Mikhail Knyazev (St Petersburg)
The transitive 'need' construction in Russian: A null BE analysis
Teodora Radeva-Bork (Potsdam)
(In)complete grammar: Insights from heritage Bulgarian
Chair: Louise RaynaudChair: Nina Adam
13:30-14:00Anna Bondaruk (Lublin)
Against the unaccusative structure of Polish psych predicates with accusative and dative experiencers
Natalia Mitrofanova, Yulia Rodina, Olga Urek and Marit Westergaard (Tromsø)
Sensitivity to grammatical gender cues in the acquisition of heritage Russian
14:00-14:30Paulina Łęska (Poznań), Aleksandra Gogłoza (Berlin) and Jacek Witkoś (Poznań)
Polish Dative Experiencers as binders and the effect of anaphor embedding – an experimental study
Vladislava Warditz (Jena) and Natalia Ringblom (Stockholm)
Transgenerational changes in the usage of word-formation by Russian heritage-speakers in Germany and Sweden
14:30-15:00Minkyu Kim (Seoul)
Datives in Dependent Case Theory: lexical, dependent, or unmarked?
Oksana Bailleul (Rouen)
Code-switching in French-Russian simultaneous bilingual acquisition (2;1 to 4;0)
Session 1
Session 2
Chair: Johann SchedlinskiChair: Genia Böhnisch
15:30-16:00Joanna Błaszczak and Dorota Klimek-Jankowska (Wrocław)
Idioms: A window into the division between lexicon and syntax
Jitka Veroňková (Prague)
Speaking rate in Czech TV weather forecasts
16:00-16:30Małgorzata E. Ćavar (Bloomington) and Jane F. Hacking (Salt Lake City)
Category Split. The case of the acquisition of Russian posterior sibilants by American L2 learners
Izabela Jordanoska (Vienna) and Erlinde Meertens (Konstanz)
The pragmatic effects of Macedonian li: An empirical study
Poster Session
Invited lecture (Hannah-Vogt-Saal)
Chair: Clemens Steiner-Mayr
John Bailyn (Stony Brook University)
Cost and Intervention: A Strong Theory of Weak Islands

Day 2
Thursday, Dec 6
conference venue: Alte Mensa (Wilhelmsplatz 3, city center)
Invited lecture (Hannah-Vogt-Saal)
Chair: Andreas Blümel
Irina Sekerina (CUNY)
Psycholinguistics, Experimental Syntax, and Syntactic Theory of Russian
Main Session
Workshop "Semantics of Noun Phrases"
Chair: Uwe JunghannsChair: Yidong Yu
10:30-11:00Ewa Willim (Cracow)
Agent and experiencer implications in Polish impersonal middles with a dative
Ljudmila Geist (Stuttgart)
11:00-11:30Bożena Rozwadowska (Wrocław) and Anna Bondaruk (Lublin)
Passives of subject experiencer verbs in Polish
Keren Khrizman (Bar-Ilan University)
From measure predicates to count nouns. Complex numerical measure nouns in Russian
11:30-12:00Jacek Witkoś (Poznań), Roland Meyer (Berlin) and Dominika Dziubała-Szrejbrowska (Poznań)
Non-nominative binders in Polish
Mojmír Dočekal (Brno)
Czech binominal each and collective set predicates
Invited lecture (Hannah-Vogt-Saal)
Chair: Hagen Pitsch
Catherine Rudin (Wayne State College)
Demonstratives and Definiteness: Multiple Determination in Balkan Slavic
Chair: Emese BodnárChair: Georg Höhn
15:00-15:30Jelena Stojković (Leipzig)
DP-exfoliation, lowering, and local dislocation: LBE in Bulgarian and Macedonian
Olga Borik and Dària Serés (Barcelona)
Uniqueness/Maximality in Russian bare nominals
15:30-16:00Snejana Iovtcheva (MIT)
External possessors in Bulgarian: An applicative account
Radek Šimík (Berlin)
Inherent vs. accidental uniqueness in definite descriptions
16:00-16:30Teodora Radeva-Bork (Potsdam)
Clitics as disambiguators in child grammar
Kim Fuellenbach and Arkadiusz Kwapiszewski (Oxford)
Definite kinds in Polish
Chair: Olga KellertChair: Cornelia Loos
17:00-17:30Ekaterina Vostrikova (Moscow)
The exceptive-additive ambiguity
Takuya Miyauchi (Tokyo)
Maximal interpretation of nominal phrases in Russian and its implication for the NP/DP parameter
17:30-18:00Iveta Šafratová and Mojmír Dočekal (Brno)
The weak, the strong and the likelihood: experiments on Slavic scalar particles
Maria Gepner (Tel Aviv)
The semantics of prenominal possessives in Russian
Conference dinner at restaurant Bullerjahn (Markt 9)

Day 3
Friday, Dec 7
conference venue: Alte Mensa (Wilhelmsplatz 3, city center)
Invited lecture (Hannah-Vogt-Saal)
Chair: Uwe Junghanns
Duško Vitas (University of Belgrade)
The Formalization of Serbian: Lexical Resources and Tools
Session 1
Session 2
Chair: Andreas BlümelChair: Hagen Pitsch
10:30-11:00Lanko Marušič (Nova Gorica)
On the relevance of linear order in conjunct agreement
Małgorzata E. Ćavar and Steven M. Lulich (Bloomington)
Tongue root advancement in palatalization of Russian and Polish consonants measured with 3D ultrasound
11:00-11:30Ilse Zimmermann (Berlin)
The role of the correlate in clause-embedding
Artur Kijak (Katowice/Sosnowiec)
What links labials and velars: on some developments of the velar fricative in Polish southern dialects
11:30-12:00Petr Biskup (Leipzig) and Radek Šimík (Berlin)
On the dual nature of wh-clauses: A view from locality
Stanimir Rakić (Belgrade)
On the vowel length of the first component of compounds in Standard Serbian
Chair: Sascha AlexeyenkoChair: Jovana Gajić
13:00-13:30Olav Mueller-Reichau (Leipzig)
Perfective dozapisyvat' – real or fake?
Andrija Petrović (Stony Brook)
Epenthesis in Serbo-Croatian neuter noun inflection
13:30-14:00Joanna Błaszczak (Wrocław) and Juliane Domke (Berlin)
Does tense illusion exist? A contribution from an ERP study on the processing of future constructions in Polish
Marko Simonović (Nova Gorica)
Derivational affixes as roots in a lexical stress system
14:00-14:30Sławomir Zdziebko (Lublin)
Polish resultative adjectives are derived in the syntax
Jelena Živojinović (Verona/Tromsø)
Some considerations on Torlak Serbian

Alternate speakers: Main session

Elena Karagjosova (Berlin)
On the Bulgarian evidential construction(s)

Yulia Zinova and Rainer Osswald (Düsseldorf)
A formal approach to terminativity and telicity in Russian

Alternate speaker: Heritage Slavic Languages workshop

Michał Głuszkowski (Toruń)
Polish dialect in Vershina (Irkutsk oblast’ in Siberia) as a heritage language. Against the example of young generation

Alternate speaker: NP workshop

Elena Gorishneva (Berlin)
On the prenominal and postnominal use of indefinite markers in Russian