Diversity Turn in Land Use Science

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Welcome to the website of the research project "Diversity Turn in Land use Science: The importance of social diversity for sustainable land use innovations using the example of vanilla farming in Madagascar"

Global Demand for Vanilla, Chances or Risks for Farmers and Biodiversity in Madagascar?
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Land use substantially impacts human living conditions and livelihoods worldwide. Because of the complex interaction of ecological, economic and social factors, the design of land use innovations is a paradigmatic case of sustainability research. Land use research requires a balanced attention on biophysical aspects of ecological systems as well as in the social arrangements that shape rural land use. The elements and relations within the social system as well as within ecological systems are both diverse. Yet, a systematic integration of the state-of-the-art in the social science diversity debate is still lacking for environmental sustainability research at large as well as for land use research in particular. Thus, it is the overall aim of this project to advance a diversity-sensitive perspective for land use research, and to establish this perspective as a core component in academic teaching and research including the education of junior scientists.

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