Scientific English

The goal of the Scientific English program at level C1 is to enable students to work or study in an international environment, whether abroad or here in Germany. Students concentrate on exchanging information, reading and understanding scientific literature, presenting specific topics from their own field of study, and discussing a wide range of scientific issues.

Classroom activities put equal emphasis on the four basic skill areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking. These four competencies are evaluated through a final examination consisting of two tests (listening and reading) and a portfolio of graded writing and speaking activities. In writing, emphasis is placed on abstracts, essays and correspondence; in speaking, on presentations and discussions.

The Scientific English I course must be completed successfully before a student may enroll in Scientific English II. The completion of both courses can lead to a UNIcert® III examination (approximates Level C1 “Effective Operational Proficiency” of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which can be added to future job applications and may be required for some graduate programs.