The members of the department are mainly involved in teaching activities within the integrated bi-national Master of International Nature Conservation (MSc./M.I.N.C.), and within the M.Sc. programme Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution. We also teach one module within the B.Sc. programme Biodiversity and Ecology

Please check the Master of International Nature Conservation:


Please also check the Göttingen Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use:


Courses offered by the workgroup:

630971 M.Biodiv 488: Ornithology (Block course)
630871 M.Biodiv 483: Assessing Wildlife for Conservation (Block course)
631398 M.Biodiv 412: International Nature Conservation (Lecture)
631551 M.Biodiv 412: Origins of Conservation Biology (Lecture)
632011 M.INC.1002: Statistics for Field Biologists (Block course)
990197 M.INC 1001: International Nature Conservation (Seminar)
631778 M.INC.2001: Internship semester
630969 M.Biodiv 480: Nature Conservation Inventories (Block course)
630971 M.Biodiv 481: Population Viability Analysis (Block course)
631175 M.Biodiv 482: Field Studies in Conservation Biology (with Seminar and Lecture)
631317 B.Biodiv 340: Conservation Biology (Lecture and Excursions)

For many years, the subject Nature Conservation is the most chosen subject within the MSc programme Biodiversity and Ecology and our workgroup provides most of the courses! We also offer regularly more than 20 BSc and MSc theses every year!