Active Bystander Training (GAUSS) online

Target group:
PhD students GAUSS, other PhD students if free places are available

03.02.2023, 15.00-16.30 Uhr via Zoom

Venue: online
Course language: English
Credits: 0
Detailed information in EXA:

This short online Active Bystander training session aims to help our PhD Student community to challenge poor behaviours, which may have become normalised over time. The session includes self-coaching techniques to help you keep a cool head when you’re faced with a challenging situation – and assertive language devices which you can use to make sure your voice is heard if you want to raise a concern. For more information on the training please see the link.

The training will take place online on 3 February 2023, 15.00-16.30h.

Registration: Email to including the prework latest by 21 January 2023.

IMPORTANT: Pre-work required
Once you have received a place in the course, your participation still needs to be confirmed by us. For this, we ask you for the following pre-work: please send us an example of a scenario where you would have liked challenge somebody’s behaviour and that you would like to discuss in the course.
The basic criteria for such a scenario is: did you or other people in that situation feel uncomfortable after a remark or action by a person? This could have been a joke that came across as a bit “off”, an inappropriate remark, or outright sexist/racist/homophobic/… comments or behavior. You can find a few examples here.
Please send your scenario and your Stud.IP user name to by 21 January 2023 at the latest. The final decision which scenarios will be used in the course will be made by the trainer.