Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences

The Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG) combines the postgraduate education of five faculties (social sciences, economics, law, agricultural economics as well as forest economics and forest politics) and uses the variety of research areas within these faculties to offer PhD-students a wide range of methods and interdisciplinary approaches.

The GGG's core objectives focus on the support of the interdisciplinary cooperation, the support and development of new PhD-programs, overcoming of the still frequently existing practice of isolated PhD-studies, counseling of supervisors and PhD-students and amelioration of qualification options for PhD-students. Therefore, the GGG offers, amongst others, the annual interdisciplinary Methodological Week, courses in preparation for various career paths and grants.

Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen

The Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen was set up as a joint institution of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Theology in order to further improve the framework conditions of PhD-studies in these areas. Under the roof of the GSGG, all doctoral programs and research training groups of the Humanities and the doctoral degree program in Theology are united and also PhD-students working towards an individual doctoral degree can benefit from the offers of the GSGG. The core objectives of GSGG are the improvement of PhD-supervision, the furthering of interdisciplinary networks between PhD-students and their academic environment and general support of the PhD-students with, for example, counseling offers, grants and a wide variety of qualification courses.

Georg-August-School of Sciences (GAUSS)
The Georg-August-University School of Science (GAUSS) is the graduate school for mathematics and natural sciences at Göttingen University. GAUSS is mainly responsible for the award of the degree 'Dr. rer. nat.' and the equivalent degree 'Ph.D., Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences'.

GAUSS combines PhD students from the five founding faculties Mathematics/Computer Sciences, Biology/Psychology, Geosciences/Geography, Physics and Chemistry as well as from the medical faculty, the Max-Planck-Institutes for biophysical chemistry, for dynamic and self-organization, for experimental medicine and for solar system research, the German Primate Center and the German Aerospace Center as the non-university institutions with focus on mathematics and natural science in Göttingen.

GAUSS is structured in thematically focussed PhD programs which provides an excellent education and support that is based on topic-specific differences. In addition to the topic related events and courses of the PhD programs, GAUSS is offering multidisciplinary soft skill courses.

Graduate School Forest and Agricultural Sciences (GFA)
In the winter semester of 2015/2016, the Faculties of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology and Agricultural Sciences jointly established the graduate school to support (prospective) doctoral students and their supervisors at both faculties. The graduate school has been set up to co-ordinate and develop a structured framework to ensure high academic standards and excellent supervision for PhD students of forest and agricultural sciences.

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The program of the section for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education addresses all university teachers, from young academics to established professors. We want to assist you in further developing and reflecting on your teaching expertise. As teachers of Göttingen University, you can obtain basic qualifications in the area of teaching and learning through our certificate program and further deepen your knowledge in specific areas in our open workshop program. Through individual counseling and one-to-one coaching, we support you in reflecting on your teaching and widening of your didactic repertoire.
For university institutions (like faculties, chairs or graduate schools), we propose individually tailored offers which are coordinated and organised according to the respective demands and requirements of their teachers.
Since winter term 2012/2013, we propose special offers for PhD-students and teaching newcomers, which are developed in cooperation with the graduate schools of the University of Göttingen.

Career Service
The Career Service of the Department Student and Academic Services of the University offers all interested students and graduates detailed information on the process of active career, on job applications and entering into the working world in general. The staff of the Career Service helps you to identify your competencies, define your professional goals and develop your personal strategy on how to approach the labour market. In this context personality tests, especially "BIP" (Business-focused Inventory of Personality) and "Reiss Profile" are used.

Equal Opportunities Office

Göttingen University is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all of its members, regardless of their sex, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, disability, chronical disease, ethnic and social origin. In doing so, Göttingen University pursues a comprehensive strategy that aims at shaping research, teaching and learning, organization and human resources development and internationalization in a gender-equitable, family-friendly and diversity-orientated way.