! Postponed ! Open Access publishing in the social sciences, law, and economics: Opportunities and pitfalls for researchers (GGG) in presence

Target group:
PhD students of the GGG, other PhD students if free places are available


Venue: Convention Center by the Observatory, Geismar Landstraße 11, big seminar room
Available seats: 15
Course language: English
Lecturers: Margo Bargheer, Dr. Michael Czolkoß-Hettwer, Michael Ernst, Bastian Weber, Sabine Witt

Conditions of participation:
Active participation, interest in Open Access, edit tasks in advance (see "Requirements" to achieve full credits)

Seminar objectives:
Since the early 2000s, science policy in Germany as well as within the European Union is promoting Open Access, which guarantees free access to scientific and scholarly information. Nevertheless, conventional modes of publishing (closed access) still play a big role whereby one can see significant differences according to academic disciplines and types of publications (journal articles, books, pre-prints, etc.).
Even for junior researchers who support the Open Access ideal in general, it is often challenging to decide where or if to publish Open Access. This has several reasons: (1) The legal framework is complex, (2) there are publishing costs and – first and foremost – (3) researchers have a legitimate interest in ensuring that their publications guarantee them visibility and recognition within their community but some Open Access platforms / journals have a rather low impact factor and thus reputation.
The workshop aims at providing critical information and orientation within the field of Open Access publishing and enabling the participants to reflect upon consequences of Open Access publishing and to pursue a publication strategy that furthers their individual careers.


  • Subject-specific contexts of the Open Access transformation
  • Open vs. closed Access: the visibility and impact of research publications
  • Open vs. closed Access: subject-specific cultures and reputation
  • The legal framework for Open Access publishing
  • Open Access and research integrity
  • Practical hints for Open Access publishing

Open Access Network
→ subject-specific information for law, social sciences, and economics can be found at: (https://open-access.network/en/information/subject-specific-open-access.

Credits: 1 credit

  • A reading list will be sent to all registered persons in advance. Additionally, some small tasks that must be prepared in the run-up to the workshop. By this means we want to ensure a common knowledge base.
  • written reflection (max. 2 pages) on the lessons learnt (to be sent to ggg.kursanmeldung@uni-goettingen.de by March 15, 2023)

Please, send an e-mail to ggg.kursanmeldung@uni-goettingen.de
contact for further information: Dr. Nelly C. Schubert, Phone: +551 39-28219

This course is organized by the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG).

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