Research Projects started

In the last few days, three projects started at the Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems. Selected students of the study programs Business Information Systems and Marketing and E-Business cooperate with three different practice partners within the scope of their Research Project. During the next six months, they will analyze issues at the interface between science and practice:

  • In cooperation with the software provider AMBOSS, the students are investigating how a digital knowledge platform can simplify or improve the routine of physicians in private practice.

  • In cooperation with the software provider MessengerPeople, the students are investigating how companies can successfully use WhatsApp in customer service.

  • In cooperation with Geodiscovery, the students analyze how content for a geo-app can be generated by users. Thereby, indirect network effects will be realized and solutions to the Chicken-or-Egg problem will be proposed.
We thank our partners at AMBOSS, MessengerPeople and Geodiscovery for the great opportunities they provide for the students to carry out exciting research projects. Good luck to all groups!