10. Monzeler Weinrechtstag zum Thema „Klimawandel und Weinbau“

The 10th Monzel Wine Law Day on the topic of "Climate Change and Viticulture" will take place on August 19, 2022.
As a global phenomenon, climate change also has considerable effects on viticulture and winegrowing regions in Germany and around the world. They range from qualitative changes in wine to existential threats through the destruction of livelihoods due to storms. The Ahr flood disaster in 2021 demonstrated these consequential effects of climate change in a terribly clear way. The law must provide an answer to the consequences of climate change and at the same time also oblige or enable precautionary and adaptation measures. The 10th Monzel Wine Law Day wants to address in a first part the question whether and how legally the consequences of the Ahr flood disaster for viticulture have been absorbed. The second part of the event is dedicated to precautionary and adaptation measures from an oenological and legal perspective. Due to the global dimension, a look beyond the national horizon at the effects of climate change on people in the global south is also called for. In the sense of the ruling of the BVerfG on the climate protection law of March 2021, it clarifies in particular the co-responsibility of our actions in viticulture and wine trade for these spatially distant regions.