Institute for Agricultural Law

Starting in the 18th century, we look back on a tradition of scientific cultivation of agricultural law at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. The Institute for Agricultural Law earned a widely recognized reputation as an establishment of profound and high-quality research since its inception in 1961.
With the offered classes, the institute is a special feature of the Faculty of Law of the University of Göttingen. The main task of the institute is the fostering of research in the field of agricultural law, including its foreign and international relations.

The structure of the Institute

Members of the institute are the university professors, members of the group of research assistants and employees in technical and administrative services, which are assigned to the institute. The board consists of the university professors assigned to the institute of one member of the employees and of one member of the technical and administrative services. A member of board, who is a university professor, is director and simultaneously chairman of board (managing director).


Members of the university professors:

Professor Dr. José Martínez (managing director)

Representation of research assistants:

Dipl.-Jur. Cara von Nolting

Representation of employees in technical and administrative services:

Irina Schell