During the 19th and 20th centuries, committed scholars worked to combine research and teaching with the help of instructive material. To this end, they extended the collection and acquired further charters, manuscripts, archival records, seals and photographic images of coats of arms. In order to improve research conditions, in 2013 the collection has been catalogued systematically and entered into a digital database: http://monasterium.net/mom/DE-GAUnivGoet/archive..

Until 31 March 2007, the Diplomatic Apparatus operated as a unit of the Faculty of Humanities ("Betriebseinheit", in accordance with the Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz). Since 1 April 2007, the collection has been under the administration of the Seminar of Medieval and Modern History with Prof Hedwig Röckelein PhD as its director.

Past directors of the Diplomatic Apparatus:
Johann Christoph Gatterer (1759-1799), the founder of the Auxiliary Sciences of History in Göttingen and thus in Germany.
Jacob Grimm (1835-1837)
Paul Fridolin Kehr (1895-1903)
Wilhelm Meyer (1895-1917)
Karl Brandi (1902-1946)
Alfred Hessel (1924-1935)
Hans Goetting (1964-1976)

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