Dr. Julia Vorhölter

Julia Vorhölter was 'Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin' at the Institute from 2009 to 2020. Her regional focus is Sub-Sahara Africa, especially Uganda, where she has been carrying out fieldwork both for her PhD project (Title: 'Youth at the Crossroads - Discourses on Socio-Cultural Change in Northern Uganda', published 2014) and her current post-doc project (Working title: 'Contagious Modernity - The Emergence of a Therapeutic Society in Uganda'). Thematically, her most recent work is located in the field of psychiatric and psychological anthropology. Her post-doc project looks at changing discourses on mental health/illness and emerging forms of (psychology-based) psychotherapy in Uganda. Other research interests include dynamics and perceptions of socio-cultural, political and economic change in Sub-Sahara Africa, youth and generation, peace and conflict, development, gender and sexuality as well as discourse theory and governmentality studies.