Alter Botanischer Garten

Greenhouses will be open again

Construction is not yet complete, but the greenhouses will reopen.

Your team from the Old Botanical Garden

Piercing for the spurge: The world's smallest mistletoe - DOC SHORTS (Episode 1)

Our garden curator Dr Michael Schwerdtfeger has started a new format on Youtube: DOC SHORTS (in German)

As construction work is still underway inside the rampart, the greenhouses are currently closed to the public.

The sycamore maple had to be cut down

The sycamore maple near the algae collection was well over 50 years old and had been infested with wood-degrading fungi for several years.
Therefore, it unfortunately had to be cut down for safety reasons.

However, just under three meters of the tree stump will remain standing, thus providing food, nesting material and shelter for small animals as "standing deadwood" for many years to come.
Already in 2018, the tree was partially rotten and there was a danger that larger branches could break off.
In the hope that the tree will hold out for many more years, a tree renovation was carried out at that time with a climbing action.

Custodian Dr. Michael Schwerdtfeger observes the climbing action in 2018.
Damage image 2018

Unfortunately, this could not slow down the decay of the tree and to ensure your safety, the tree, which is located directly on the path, had to be cut completely.

Hohler Stamm
Damage image 2021

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