Corporate Planning

Learning objectives:

Application of methods from Operations Research to decision problems in the strategic, tactical and operative Production Management within industrial companies, including environmental aspects.

Overview of module content and lecture notes:

  • 1. Project management, digital SCM
  • 2. R&D management, creativity management, innovation management
  • 3. Portfolio management & product life cycle, simulation & demand forecast
  • 4. Location planning, MCDM methods for decision support
  • 5. Transport planning, OR methods in transport planning


For details regarding the schedule and rooms please visit the UniVZ.

Supplementary documents:
All documents are provided in StudIP. The password is provided in the lecture or can be requested at the secretariat of the Chair of Production and Logistics.


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  • Schneeweiß, C.: Einführung in die Produktionswirtschaft. 8th edition, Springer Heidelberg 2002
  • Brockhoff, K.: Forschung und Entwicklung: Planung und Kontrolle. 5th edition, Munich 1998
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