Chair of Production and Logistics

The Chair of Production and Logistics at the University of Göttingen addresses central topics in Supply Chain Management (SCM), such as methods for decision support in Production and Logistics Management. Research, teaching, and transfer activities focus on planning and optimization models for improving resource and cost efficiency, as well as competitiveness in companies and value chains (Sustainability/Triple Bottom Line). In addition to traditional efficiency issues, concepts for digitization and virtualization are designed and analyzed in the context of modern business models in the production, trade, and logistics service sectors (Physical Internet/IoT).

During the summer term 2019, Prof. Dr. Matthias Klumpp is Stand-in-Professor Production and Logistics at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen. Current research and publications of professor Klumpp address digital production and logistics systems with the important question of human involvement and interaction, e.g. JBL 2019: Link; IJAMT 2019: Link. In this topical area he is also guest editor of an international special topic forum for the Journal of Business Logistics (Call JBL: Link) as well as part of the program committee for the international logistics conference LDIC 2020 at the University of Bremen (Call: Link).

National conference "Logistics Management 2019"

LNL Tagung 2019
The team of the Chair of Production and Logistics was represented at the national conference "Logistics Management 2019" at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg with two contributions: "DEA Sustainability Evaluation in Automotive Supply Chains" (B. Struve, T. C. Anke and M. Klumpp) and "Human Role in Digital Logistics: Relevance of Intuition in Interacting with AI" (M. Klumpp and C. Ruiner). Both contributions are featured in the Springer-Verlag conference proceedings.
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Final Symposium on the Research Project NEDS - Sustainable Energy Supply Lower Saxony

NEDS Abschlusssymposium Gruppenfoto
After four years of project duration, the final symposium of the research project NEDS - Sustainable Energy Supply Lower Saxony took place on 26 March 2019. At the Centralhotel Kaiserhof, we had a broad audience of researchers and stakeholders from politics, industry and associations as guests.
More than 50 participants were welcomed by the project speaker Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Engel (Technical University Braunschweig - elenia). Afterwards, there were friendly greetings from the EFZN (Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner, Leibniz University Hannover) as well as from LiFE 2050 (Dr. Volker Schöber, Leibniz University Hannover).
"The NEDS research project is a good example of a successful interdisciplinary cooperation between different research institutions, which is also in line with the cooperation in the Energy Research Centre Lower Saxony (EFZN)," emphasized Prof. Breitner, Deputy Spokesman of the EFZN Executive Board.
In NEDS, scientists were working on developing paths towards a sustainable energy supply in Lower Saxony up to the year 2050. These were modeled and evaluated with the help of specially developed models and sustainability criteria. All eight subprojects of the participating universities, namely Braunschweig Technical University, Leibniz University Hannover, University of Göttingen and Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg as well as the OFFIS Institute for Computer Science presented their research results in individual lectures. The links between the various disciplines became clear - psychologists, economists, engineers, computer scientists and economists used their in-depth knowledge to develop common, holistic models and transition paths. At the concluding panel discussion, the relevance of the topic for all areas became clear once again.

NEDS – Nachhaltige Energieversorgung Niedersachsen was part of the research funding "Niedersächsisches Vorab" and was funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) with € 2.5 million.