Chair of Production and Logistics

The Chair of Production and Logistics at the University of Göttingen addresses central topics in Supply Chain Management (SCM), such as methods for decision support in Production and Logistics Management. Research, teaching, and transfer activities focus on planning and optimization models for improving resource and cost efficiency, as well as competitiveness in companies and value chains (Sustainability/Triple Bottom Line). In addition to traditional efficiency issues, concepts for digitization, automation, and virtualization are designed and analyzed in the context of modern business models in the production, trade, and logistics service sectors (Physical Internet/Internet of Things). Prof. Dr. Matthias Klumpp is responsible for teaching in the field of production and logistics. Current publications deal with digital and sustainable production and logistics systems and the related issue of human-computer interaction (HCI), e.g. ER 2022 (Link), IJPE 2021 (Link) oder IJLM 2021 (Link).

Conference contributions ERS


The Production and Logistics Team reports the success of three accepted contribution to the European Research Seminar (ERS) of CSCMP. In June 2022, the following research contribution have been presented with the conference at Politecnico di Milano: „Some are More Equal than Others – An Empirical Analysis of Workforce Variability for Truck Drivers in Grocery Retailing” (M. Keil, D. Loske, T. Modica, M. Klumpp); “Outside the Box – The Empirical Analysis of Product and Packaging Characteristics Impact on Grocery Warehouse Order Picking Times” (D. Loske, R. Mangiaracina, A. Regattieri, M. Klumpp); “The Race for the Top: International Comparative Empirical Results for the Logistics 4.0 Implementation Status in Italy and Germany” (T. Modica, E. Tappia, M. Keil, M. Klumpp, C. Colicchia).

New Research Publications

News 3-2022-1

Regarding the global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines the following empirical study regarding the public perception in Germany and the US was published: Klumpp, M., Monfared, I. G, Vollmer, S. (2022): Public opinion on global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines: Evidence from two nationally representative surveys in Germany and the United States. Vaccine, Vol. 40, No. 16, 2457-2461. Link

How logistics workers deal with digitalization is outlined in a recent study using the example of urban food delivery platforms: Ruiner, C.; Klumpp, M. (2022): Autonomy and new modes of control in digital work contexts – a mixed-methods study of driving professions in food logistics. Employee Relations. Link

This publication by the Production and Logistics team appeared in the International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE) with the title "Human-AI collaboration in route planning: An empirical efficiency-based analysis in retail logistics". The authors are Dominic Loske and Matthias Klumpp, they explain the efficiency effects of human-machine collaboration in route planning in retail logistics distribution. Link