Research Interests:
Spatial ecology, Ecological modeling, Ecological-economic modelling, Biodiversity, Plant ecology, Nature conservation

General research concepts:
The overarching themes of my research are spatial ecology and biocomplexity:

Spatial ecology
Space has long been ignored for philosophical (space = noise detracting from the true pattern) and technical (computer power) reasons in ecology and other fields. However, the spatial distribution of organisms and resources is important for understanding many ecological questions, making spatial ecology a promising field of research. My work has a strong methodological emphasis on spatial simulation models (always in combination with field research) and spatial statistics (based on field data or remote sensing).

The dynamic behavior of ecosystems emerges from interaction at multiple spatial and temporal scales. From my point of view, a key to understanding ecosystems is to investigate the same system from changing viewpoints, i.e. at a range of spatial and temporal scales. By understanding pattern formation at different hierarchical levels, one may disentangle step by step how local effects translate into global behavior of complex ecological systems and vice versa.


Curriculum vitae