Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry


The "Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry" (CCB) group is a research unit based at the Institute of Physical Chemistry - University of Göttingen. Its research focuses on the development of new methods in theoretical chemistry, with applications in

  • enzyme catalysis
  • electronic spectra in solution
  • weak interactions in biomolecules
  • ...

If you are interested in knowing more about our work, or applying for a position (pre- or post-graduate), feel free to write an e-mail or to visit us at the Institute of Physical Chemistry.



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In collaboration with the Suhm group, we have established a platform for small theoretical blind challenges focussing on molecular clusters. The experimental data is obtained on the basis of high-vaccum gas phase spectroscopy and then compared to the estimates of theoretical methods.

More information can be found in the official site.


RTG2455 - BENCh

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A new Research Training Group (RTG2455) at the Faculty of Chemistry has been recently approved! Titled "Benchmark Experiments for Numerical quantum Chemistry - BENCh", it will focus on post-graduate studies bridging between theory and experiment. Through tailored experiments, we aim to challenge established theoretical models or enable the development of new methodologies. The initiative will benefit from a large number of national and international collaborations and will include topics ranging from single molecule spectroscopy up to surface reactivity.