The Georg-August-University Göttingen supports the compatibility of academic studies/ science career/ work life, family and private life and is aiming to provide compatibility-oriented structures to study, research and work.
The universities compatibility policies include different situations in life: childcare, tending close relatives, time and place restrictions due to different household- or family-settings, private dedication such as a volunteer position or individual health care, sports and further education measures.
A main focus is put on the compatibility of academic studies/ science career/ work life and family. We define ‘family’ as a long-term social relationship in which people take on responsibilities for one another.

Compatibility – next to equality and diversity – is a part of the university strategy and implemented as a cross-sections subject matter into the university development.
In 2014 the university signed the charter „Family Life and Academia“ and obligated itself to implement and develop the proposed standards of compatibility. One of the universities declared aims is to implement a leadership culture that allows compatibility to be part of the everyday working routine.

Numerous individual support measures are taken and made accessible for all members of the university: the FamilyService as the main source for information and consultation; opportunities for childcare as well as a family-friendly infrastructure. Due to a human resource management - that is based on the idea of life phases - the university provides tools for a more flexible arrangement of individual working hours. A main emphasis is put on the development of reconsiliation-orientated study-, research- and work-conditions.
The Equal Opportunities Office consults institutions as well as employees and managers to support them in their realisation and development of reconsiliation-orientated measures (FamilyConsulting).