Registration procedure


Please register for a course via e-mail listed in each course description.
We kindly ask you to always state which graduate school/program you belong to.

You may register for the courses of the GSGG, GGG, and the Equal Opportunities Office all year round. Registration for courses of the division for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education generally end two weeks before the workshop starts.

Allocation of course places

All PhD students may participate. Members of the organizing entity enjoy preferential treatment ("first come, first serve"). All other applicants are enlisted in a waiting list. After the deadline (GSGG) or two weeks before the course starts (GGG), free places are allocated according to the waiting list.
Courses offered by the Transfer & Start Up Hub aim at PhD candidates and teaching newcomers and are not limited to members of one of the Graduate Schools.


The graduate schools actively work on improving the compatibility of family and qualification. Therefore, we support childcare in cooperation with the FamilienService of Göttingen University. Please ask your graduate school for options on childcare in order to enable your participation in the course.


Four weeks before the course starts, all course registrations are regarded as binding.

Planning and realizing the key skill courses implies a great financial and organisational effort. Consequentially, the organising entities must be able to justify and represent these efforts and costs in front of their sponsors. Therefore, we can only maintain the course offer if we can rely on the registered participants to show up.

For this reason, four weeks prior to course begin, we kindly ask you to accept your registration as binding. Remaining free places will be allocated to interested applicants on the waiting list. Unfortunately, we can only accept notification of a cancellation on the grounds of illness. If you cancel your participation without such a reason, we will have to exclude you from participating in other courses for one year.