Prof. Dr. Anke Holler

Anke Holler approaches phenomena of modern German from a systematic-descriptive perspective. The competence-oriented grammar model that underlies her grammar theoretical research is directed towards the description of the language system's universal and single language structures. Together with her team she carries out psycholinguistic experiments and applies automatic and computer-assisted methods for the analysis of texts and corpora. Anke Holler concentrates not only on the word and sentence level, but also on the text layer. She examines complex sentence connections, anaphoric references and the discourse-structural weighting of information.

Since 2007 Anke Holler holds a chair in German Linguistics at the University of Göttingen focusing on the theory of grammar and psycholinguistics. In 2009 she has been appointed spokeswoman for the Courant Research Centre resp. Göttingen Centre "Text Structures".