Advantages of Membership

Those who with to join the Chamber Music Society can choose between two price options: category 1 costs 170 € per season (6 concerts) for a main membership, and 160 € per season for a partner membership. Category 2 costs 140 € per season for a main membership, and 130 € per season for a partner membership. You will receive your seasons tickets well before the season starts, together with the request for payment.

Category 1 members will be seated toward the front of the main hall of the aula, or in the central balcony, or the front row of the side balcony toward the front. Category 2 members will be seated toward the back of the main hall, in its side rows or in the rear front row of the side balconies. The Aula seating plan can be downloaded as a PDF; Category 1 is red, Category 2 is yellow.

Restricted viewing seats are not available as seasons tickets. The exact seating plan may change due to fluctuations in demand. Members rotate through the rows in a given category, with 2 concerts in each seat.
Applications for membership can be made using the membership application form. This is available as PDF on this site. This should be printed, filled out and sent to the address above. Membership application is advisable before the beginning of the season, but can be made throughout the season at reduced cost.

The membership fee is to be paid on receipt of the account before the first concert into the account of the Göttinger Kammermusikgesellschaft of the Sparkasse Göttingen IBAN DE88 2605 0001 0000 5704 08

Resignation from the Society must be submitted in writing at least 6 months before the new season, which begins on the 1st July each year; i.e., before the 31st December of the previous year.


In recent years donations have been a major source of support for the Society’s concerts, complementing support from ticket sales and foundational sponsors. We would very much welcome your support for the current season. Donations can be paid into the Sparkasse account listed above and are of course tax deductible.


Members of the Society receive reductions in the price of tickets of both categories compared to single ticket purchases (35 E in Category 1 and 35 E in Category 2)
In addition, you can contribute to the Society with program ideas, join the program committee or help in organizing the concerts. We would be pleased to hear from you if you want to help.
If you have questions or wishes about membership, please send us an E-mail; the E-mail address can be found under ‘Contacts’ on the home page.