University of Helsinki

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Academic religious expertise since 1640

The Faculty of Theology prepares students for duties requiring expertise in religions, worldviews and values. We engage in high-quality academic research and teaching in historical, conceptual and cultural questions involving religion and theology. The Faculty is an international academic community, unaffiliated with any particular religion or belief.

We are among Europe`s largest faculties of theology measured by the number of students. Our Faculty has a total of nearly 2,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Around 150 Masters of Theology and some 15 Doctors of Theology or Doctors of Philosophy graduate from the Faculty every year. Our teaching and research staff numbers are around 130. External funding accounts for over 40% of the Faculty`s budget.

In 2014–2019, the Faculty houses two Centres of Excellence funded by the Academy of Finland: Reason and Religious Recognition and Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions.

Quelle: Website University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology, 14. Juli 2017

University of Joensuu, Finnland

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The School of Theology in the University of Eastern Finland's Philosophical Faculty (previously the Faculty of Theology in the University of Joensuu in 2002–2009) is a young and dynamic unit that has grown into the country`s second largest training facility of theology in less than ten years. The teaching staff contains some of the best researchers and teachers in various fields of theology. In the 2013 international research assessment, we received the highest possible grade on the quality of research in the Philosophical Faculty. Our staff publishes a considerable number of publications on theological research each year.

The special richness of theology in Joensuu is the encounter and interaction between the Eastern and Western theological traditions. The school`s entire strategy is based on this concept.

The School of Theology has two study programmes, Western Theology and Orthodox Theology, in which employees are trained in particular for the service of the Orthodox church and the educational institution. Orthodox church musicians are also trained in Joensuu. Theology graduates may also work for other religious communities and in various international and intercultural roles.

The research and education of the theological traditions of the East and West support each other. Our expertise is multidisciplinary. Examples include church music and diakonia studies.

The School of Theology cooperates with The International Society For Orthodox Church Music.

The School of Theology offers studies in diakonia theology to students who participate in the ERASMUS exchange programme. More information on studying diakonia is available on the Wikipedia page of the School of Theology: To study theology and DIAKONIA in Joensuu.

Quelle: Website University of Joensuu, School of Theology, 14. Juli 2017

Abo Akademi University

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The faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology consists of five study programmes: Culture, History and Philosophy, Languages, Logopedics, Psychology and Theology. You can create your own unique subject combination across faculty and university borders. The faculty participates in international networks in both education and research and offers student exchange with a wide range of foreign universities.

Dogmatics can be studied as a major subject in all theological degrees at our faculty: Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology, Licentiate of Theology and Doctor of Theology. The research interests of the teachers and doctoral students in dogmatics encompass a wide variety of fields of study: patristic studies, Bysantine studies, Reformation studies, ecumenical studies, the theology of revivalist movements, evangelical theology and different dogmatical questions in our own time.

The department of Church History is one of seven so called theological subjects at the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology. The department has one professor, one university teacher and a few researchers and PhD students.

Central research within the Department of Church History:The academic network Religion and Memory consisting of six universities and research institutions

Other central areas of research at the Department: Religious uses of history and cultural memory, Mission and church in Africa, Asia och Latin America, Revival Movements

Quelle: Website Abo Akademi University, The Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology, 14. Juli 2017