First ViCom theory workshop.
vicom_logoFrom March 28 to 30, 2023, the first theory workshop of our new priority program Visual Communication (ViCom) will take place in Königstein im Taunus. Over the three days, we will explore formal semantic and cognitive theories of visual communication in detail together with our first Mercator Fellow Philippe Schlenker. The focus will be on how classical semantic theories can be extended to meet the specific requirements of the visual-gestural modality. Another important question will be the semantic interaction of the different modalities in multimodal communication. You can find more information about the workshop and the priority program here.

Our language calendar for DGS in the magazine Life InSight
DGS-Kalender_LifeInsightIn the current issue of the lifestyle magazine "Life InSight", which is about topics around the sign language community, our language calendar for DGS got a place :-). You can find more information about the magazine here:

Sign languages and visible communication - Special session at the NELS
NELSThe special session on "Sign Languages and Visible Communication" at this year's annual meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society (NELS) was a great success. About 80 participants attended the workshop, the poster presentation, and the plenary talk by Diane Brentari. We would like to thank all presenters and participants and the international team of interpreters for the exciting presentations and interesting discussions and look forward to further research and discussions on this highly topical issue in linguistic research.

Sign Lab expands interactive e-learning module for the introductory courses on German Sign Language.
E_LearningThe state of Lower Saxony supports a new project of the Sign Lab Göttingen within the funding program "Innovation plus". The goal of the project is to extend our successful multimedia e-learning module to the introductory courses DGS II and III. Building on the e-learning module developed in 2020 for the introductory course DGS I, the new module will again consist of four different components: (i) lexicon, (ii) exercises, (iii) glossary and (iv) grammar. The extension of our basic module to the more advanced DGS courses will contribute significantly to a sustainable improvement of sign language teaching at the University of Göttingen. More information can be found here.

Special session on visual communication and sign language at the 53rd NELS conference at the University of Göttingen
NELS logoPart of the 53rd conference of the North Eastern Linguistic Society (NELS), which will be jointly organized with the Research Training Group 2636 "Form-meaning Mismatches" is a workshop on visual communication and sign languages. This special session, which will take place on January 13, 2023, at the University of Göttingen in a hybrid fashion, was organized in collaboration with the new priority program 2329 "Visual Communication (Vicom)". We are pleased that Diane Brentari from the University of Chicago accepted our invitation as plenary speaker for this workshop. More information on the conference and the workshop can be found here.