Forest Botanical Garden

Around 800 species of trees and shrubs are growing in the Forest Botanical Garden, an area of 17ha. Plants are grown according to families. Thus, the garden is separated into 'quarters' (e.g., Maples, Birches, Cypresses, Beeches, etc.). In addition to all shrub and tree species native to Germany, a host of wild and cultivated woody plants utilized for fruit production is available.
The map provides an overview of featured plant families (blue captions).

Map of the Forest Botanical Garden

Within the upper half of the Forest Botanical Garden (see map) you will find two patches of restored calcareous grassland, a meteorological station, and a refuge. Moreover, the garden’s oldest trees are located in this area. Plantations in the expansion area (lower half of the map) did not begin before the late 1990s, which is why tree stands in this area are still relatively young.

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