Student Body Representatives Group

It is angular and the color gray sets the tone. It embodies the zeitgeist and a belief in progress: the Center for Cultural Studies.

Room 1.602 is an open space under student control that complements the ‘academic laying battery’ KWZ. We understand the student body room as an oasis within the Bologna ideology that has hardened into concrete. The seating, coffee machine, kettle and an assortment of beautiful things are available to all of us and to students from other disciplines as well.
The room is waiting for us to make it increasingly vibrant.

The student body representatives of Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology are students of different semesters who represent and implement the concerns of the institute's students. We understand the work of the student body representatives primarily as a basis for the communicative exchange between lecturers and students as well as for the discussion of teaching frameworks. In addition, the student body representatives are involved in projects outside and inside the university, events, and the orientation phase. We also plan to network with our peers at other universities. In all of these endeavors, we mainly focus on the discussion of our discipline.

The group of student body representatives follows a non-hierarchical principle of communication and participation.

You can join us, participate in cultural studies discussions, and find open ears for your concerns.