Institut für Kulturanthropologie / Europäische Ethnologie

Institut für Kulturanthropologie / Europäische Ethnologie



The study of cultural anthropology / European Ethnology

Cultural Anthropology / European Ethnology studies everyday culture in Europe and (as a discipline) is closely related to/aligned with History, Languages and Literature, Art History, Anthropology, and Religious Studies, among others.

Research topics include intellectual and material cultural assets and related cultural practices as an expression of symbolic systems, values and norms, as well as the mutual exchange processes within social classes and groups.

The goal of cultural-anthropological analysis is to show the constancy and change of historical and contemporary daily life by using comparative methods and to participate wherever possible in the solution of socio-cultural problems in our society.


We are very pleased to announce the release of the new issue of movements. Journal for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies:
movements volume 3, issue 1/2017 | Contested movements to and through EUrope

Issue 3 (1) addresses two facets of EUropean migration politics that are rarely scrutinised in their relation to one another: the conflicts around internal EU migration and social rights, as well as the dynamics of the EU's border and asylum policies since the 2015/2016 border regime crisis. The journal is available in printed form via the German publisher transcript, as well as in an open-access version at

Editors of this issue: Mathias Fiedler, Fabian Georgi, Lee Hielscher, Philipp Ratfisch, Lisa Riedner, Veit Schwab and Simon Sontowski.

Contributors: Gabriella Alberti, Katherine Braun, Anja Breljak, Bogdan Droma, Mathias Fiedler, Fabian Georgi, Emal Ghamsharick, Bue Hansen, Lee Hielscher, Aino Korvensyrjä, Nina Kullrich, Miriam Lang, Jacob Lind, Robert Matthies, Bethi Ngari, Maria Persdotter, Fiorenza Picozza, Philipp Ratfisch, Carole Reckinger, Gilles Reckinger, Diana Reiners, Fritz Rickert, Lisa Riedner, Leila Saadna, Kiri Santer, Laura Scheinert, Veit Schwab, Simon Sontowski, Nadiye Ünsal, Vera Wriedt and Manuela Zechner.

Please find the table of contents here:

An English version of the editors' introduction can be found here:

Best wishes,
movements Editorial Board

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